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A father of two is deeply concerned about the welfare of his two daughters after findingThe seven-year-old girl who suffered burn marks on her leg.marks of violence on their bodies.Sardar Singh, the children’s father, told Kaieteur News that he and his ex-wife have been engaged in a court battle for custody of the two girls for over three years to date.A visitation arrangement was made through the court that allowed the man to have both daughters spend every Friday from 17:00 hrs through to Sundays.They would have to be returned to their mother by 17:00 hrs each Sunday and would stay with her until Friday, when they would be collected by their father.Singh said that on January 5 he was ill and could not collect his children.On Sunday, last, he was at his residence at lot 106 Ocean View, Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD), when he heard a knock on his door. His daughters had come.Kaieteur News was told that his elder daughter, eight-year-old Rhea, had a swollen foot as a result of being hit.Her seven-year-old sister,Cheap Jerseys China, Esha, had burn marks along one of her feet. These marks were caused by hot oil, he said.“My children them come and show me their feet. Esha had four spots where hot oil burn she. Them tell me that is them step-father, Basdeo, who is a policeman at Leonora Station, burn she with hot oil and lash Rhea behind she foot and make it swell.“I take out pictures and wash them on Monday early and went to Leonora Police Station to make the report. Me don’t want step-father to harm my children. Is girl children. Me don’t want them suffer. I does read and see a lot what does happen to innocent children. I does work at Leonora Cottage Hospital as an attendant and does see,” said the disturbed father.Singh explained that when he visited the Leonora Police Station to file his complaint,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he was referred to a number of ranks until he met with an officer in charge,NFL Jerseys China, whom he identified as “Paul”.The officer subsequently contacted the children’s mother, Biswandai Haipattie,Cheap MLS Jerseys, a teacher at the Uitvlugt Primary School, and invited her to visit the police station with her two daughters.Meanwhile, the children’s stepfather, Basdeo, a rank attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the said station, was summoned.This newspaper understands that during the interview, in the presence of all, Basdeo refuted claims that he harmed either of the children.Their mother also denied that such actions took place, casting blame on the girl’s father, and accused him of “fabricating things” against her new husband.“The policeman Paul told my ex-wife that I can’t be fabricating when the evidence shows that the children get marks and swelling. The photos showed clearly that Esha get four parts of she foot burn. She was crying and didn’t want talk. But the officer ask Rhea, the big one, and she tell he plain and point to Basdeo and say is he do it,NFL Jerseys China, that he burn she sissy” said Singh.He stated that he has been receiving telephone calls from the Leonora Police Station during which he is being told that he needs to collect the children from their mother yet he is reluctant.The man said that he explained to the policemen that he would not collect the children from their mother unless the court orders it since she could use the opportunity to say he is “breaking the order of the court”.Kaieteur News was further told by Singh, that the ranks at the said station are moving at a slow pace in the investigations into this matter,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and he is not pleased with this since he and his daughters are entitled to justice.
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