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Hughes Fields and Stoby, the law firm representing relatives of victims of the Lindo Creek massacre, have secured the assistance of the Forensic Science Service, a United Kingdom Government-owned forensic company,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, in a bid to have independent forensic experts observe the conduct of any forensic examination in Guyana.In a press release, the firm is urging Commissioner of Police Henry Greene,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, and Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, to accept the offer of services from the Forensic Science Services immediately.According to the press release, on Monday, June 30, the relatives of the victims of the Lindo Creek massacre, through their attorneys-at-law, wrote to the Commissioner of Police informing him of their desire to have independent forensic experts observe the conduct of any such examination.After learning of the inability of the Minister of Home Affairs to secure the attendance of forensic experts from the United States of America, the release added, the attorneys-at-law, on Tuesday,China Jerseys Cheap, wrote to the Commissioner of Police informing him that they had secured the assistance of the Forensic Science Service, the United Kingdom forensic company, which had recommended that a team of two pathologists, two forensic scientists, two scenes of crime officers and two mortuary staff be retained for conduct of the forensic examination. The letter, it stated, was copied to the Minister of Home Affairs, the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and the British High Commissioner.“In the letter, the relatives provided the contact details of Dr. Alfredo Eugene Walker, MBBS, FRCPath, DMJ (Path) MFFLM, as well as the likely cost of the experts,” the release said.According to the press statement, on Tuesday, Dr. Walker,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, by email, informed the attorneys-at-law that Forensic Science Service would be able to provide all the forensic scientific support needed for this investigation (including ballistics examinations) as well as the ancillary pathology investigations of histology and toxicology.“This holistic service may not be available from US providers,Cheap NFL jerseys China,” it noted.The release contends that, with the passage of every day,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, there is degradation of the crime scene, and this, coupled with the real possibility of contamination of the crime scene, will further jeopardise the integrity of any independent investigation.Meanwhile, Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), in a press release, extended condolences to the family, relatives and loved ones of the eight persons who were massacred at the Lindo Creek mining camp.“We are deeply disturbed over the series of incidents which have occurred and which represent an escalation in the deterioration of safety and security in Guyana, resulting in the tragic loss of lives.”The release said that GPSU is particularly concerned at the failure to bring to justice those who may be responsible for this state of affairs. According to the statement, the latest incident in this trilogy has resulted in calls for an independent and impartial inquiry with a view to determining who in fact the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are.“The situation is complicated by the fact that serious allegations have been levelled at the Security Forces for being complicit in recent incidents.It is our view that the only way in which the truth could emerge from this matter is through the conduct of the independent inquiry suggested above.” The release noted that the organization does not see this as casting blame or vilifying the security forces, but as one means by which their position could be vindicated.“We are fully aware of the tendency of those in authority to delay and procrastinate in such matters, which is inevitably accompanied by speculation on the true motives of persons.”In this respect, it added, the manner in which the report on the torture of persons is being treated does not lead to public confidence that the principles of the rule of law are being respected and adhered to. GPSU is also calling on the authorities to publish the torture report as a matter of urgency, in order to remove the speculation that the report is hostile to the security forces and attempts are being made to tamper with it.
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