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The Guyana Public Service Union is calling for the expeditious completion of the renovation works on the buildings of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security since according to them, workers need to be in a healthy and conducive atmosphere.The GPSU said that they have been closely monitoring, for some time, the rehabilitation works being executed on the two buildings. The Union said they feel it is opportune to register their dissatisfaction at the sloth with which these repairs have been proceeding, and the deplorable working conditions that staffers have to suffer and endure.According to the GPSU,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, construction has been ongoing for quite some time and yet, the progress so far appears inconsistent with monies disbursed and time elapsed.Moreso, the union said, it is evident from the work completed to date that the obvious enormous expenditure on the building so far is unjustified, does not indicate value for money and represents yet another misuse of public funds. The union said that this continues to be a serious concern.“While works are being done,Wholesale Jerseys China, the staff has to subsist in a cramped, dusty and noisy environment that defies even the minimum standards under the Occupational Health and Safety laws of the country.”The union noted that such atrocious conditions can lessen the morale of the workers and impair their ability to perform efficiently and productively, even as they strive diligently to meet the needs of various stakeholders and the general public.In recognizing the increasing demand for the services of the two ministries, and the expansion in their remit,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the Government has announced the construction of new offices that would house all departments and staff.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, for various reasons, construction of these facilities has stalled. Further, there have been several pronouncements by senior government functionaries suggesting that the buildings could be identified for other uses.According to the union,Cheap Jerseys China, this is a demoralizing effect on the staff and compounds the existing deplorable situation in which they currently find themselves.With that being said, the GPSU pointed out that they are impressed with the concerns for the plight of the staff that has been shown by the two new Ministers, Dr. Nanda Gopaul and Ms. Jennifer Webster and the alacrity with which they have moved to address this untenable situation.Notwithstanding their efforts to date,NBA Jerseys From China, the Union called for the expeditious completion of the renovation works to the building in Cornhill Street so that workers can operate in a healthy environment.
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