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Ranks at the Golden Grove Police Station were forced to spend the entire Saturday night in the station compound after the building was overtaken by a large swarm of bees.Kaieteur News understands that the bees have constructed a hive in the station ceiling’s lower flat, and when some of the ranks arrived on duty at around 18:00 hrs on Saturday, they were met by the agitated swarm.“They took over the Enquiries office and other parts of the building…the ranks had to stay in a shed outside and in a vehicle until morning,” one eyewitness said.Prisoners in one of the cells were also affected by the swarm, though there were no reports of anyone being stung.Kaieteur News understands that the swarm has been living in the station ceiling for some time. While they do not appear to be of the more deadly Africanised species,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, some ranks have reportedly been stung in the past.“They fall from the ceiling and when the ranks are working they sometimes get stung, but last night was the worst.”Kaieteur News understands that the ranks have complained about the bee invasion but no attempt has been made to rid the station of the pests.
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