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Prominent lawyer, Rex McKay, S.C., has filed a motion of contempt to have three executive members of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) jailed for allowing loud music to be played at the Bourda ground despite a court order.The matter will be moved on Monday.In court documents yesterday, McKay asked for the GCC officials, Ramsay Ali, Lionel Jaikaran and Jameel Baksh to be sent to prison.In the case of Ali,Wholesale Jerseys Online, he was cited for Contempt of Court for disobeying an order made last year April by Justice Dawn Gregory-Barnes,Both Jaikaran and Baksh were also accused of interfering with and obstructing the course of justice by willfully aiding to breach the same order.In motion filed by McKay’s attorney, Fitz Peters, the Plaintiff claimed that the Judge’ s orders to prevent loud noise from the cricket ground, on Bourda, were disobeyed on February 23 and February 24, with amplified speakers causing undue interference to his home, on Robb Street. McKay’s home is said to be about 50 yards west of the ground.On March 30, 2009, McKay had filed an action against noise nuisance at the ground with Judge William Ramlal granting an ex-parte application for interim injunction on the same day.On April 7, 2009 Judge Gregory-Barnes had ordered that GCC not be allowed to make any “unreasonable and excessive” music through amplified speakers between 23:00hrs and 04:00hrs of any night until the matter is heard and completed.The court documents explained that Ali and Baksh are both on the GCC Executive Committee with Jaikaran the President.The contempt motion also named seven other defendants including Paul Chan-A-Sue, Harold Dhanraj, Afzal Khan, Harry Parmessar, Phillip Fernandes, Bishwa Panday and Steven Backer.
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