Bobby Doerr Jersey the missing man’s father

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Bobby Doerr Jersey the missing man’s father

Postby pjqhr230 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:29 am

As the saga continues to swirl surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a 28-year-old construction worker, his relatives are not satisfied with how the police are dealing with the matter.It’s as if the police don’t see the disappearance as a serious occurrence they said.James Nicholas Monroe Jr. of  lot 108 Carmichael Street, Georgetown disappeared on December 06, last, after he was involved in an argument with family members.He has not been seen or heard from since.Missing: James Nicholas Monroe JuniorIn an interview yesterday,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the missing man’s father, James Nicholas Monroe said that he suspects that something happened to his son since he has never disappeared from home before.The older Monroe claimed that although he informed the police about the problem his son was having with his relatives, the police refuse to do anything to assist the situation.“The house we are living in is children property. It was passed down from our parents. My sister died and left her children in the house and they don’t want us there. To get to me, they does pick on my son and beat him,” Monroe explained.He added that when this happens,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he would usually send his son for a walk on Carmichael Street to relax a little.“He would take a walk and come home back a couple of minutes later but the last time they beat him,WBC Jerseys, he disappeared. I don’t know what they did to him,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” the father said.He explained that he made numerous police reports but failed to get any justice. He added too that he is convinced that a lot is not right and that a massive cover-up is taking place.“We don’t do these people anything. We have a room and we cook and do everything else in there. We don’t trouble anyone and the house belongs to all of us,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” the older Monroe related.He added that, “I searched everywhere for my son and can’t find him. He has one sister here and he is not by her and there is nowhere else he would be. He never disappeared from home.”The father is pleading with the police to assist him in locating his son.“When my son and the people in the house have problems, them does call a rasta man to beat him. I want the police to question him. He has to know where my son is or what happen to him,Cheap Authentic Jerseys,” the father said.He said his son was last seen wearing a short checkered pants, a pair of slippers and a jersey.Anyone knowing the whereabouts of James Nicholas Monroe Jr. is asked to contact the nearest police station.
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