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Aside from the Christ Child, who according to biblical accounts was born to save the world from total damnation, the only other being that can easily be credited as the most giving during this time of year is the legendary Kris Kringle.You see although from time immemorial it was the birth of the Christ Child that was amplified as the reason for the Christmas Season, as the occasion evolved, it was this Kris Kringle who became another focal character.Described as a stout, jolly old fellow with a long white beard and garbed in a red jumpsuit, Kringle is widely believed to possess almost supernatural abilities with which he is able to pause time in order to ensure that children across the world are furnished with gifts they would have desired and possibly even prayed for during the year.Kringle’s signature slogan “Ho Ho Ho” rings out in the deafening silence of the night as he glides across the sky on Christmas Eve in a gift-laden sleight powered by the energies of nine mysterious flying reindeer.“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,Cheap China Jerseys, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph,” he bellows before his sleigh takes to the night sky in a burst of light. Not much is known about these reindeer except for Rudolph whose glowing nose lights the path for Kringle as his sleigh blazes a well-planned trail.With his magical mode of transport he is able to crisscross the sky and slip into homes undetected, reaching even the far corners of the globe, in order make the dreams of deserving little boys and girls come true, just in time for Christmas Morning.There have been numerous assumptions as to why Kringle uses a number of aliases, with a new one emerging every few hundred years. Over time some have fondly called him Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick and Jolly Old Saint Nick. However the name Santa Claus has transcended generations and languages, appealing immensely to children over the centuries.That appeal has been so intense that many have been known to make special efforts to be nice all year long just so they could be listed among the nice and stay clear of his naughty list. He has forever kept record of children’s behaviour and there are reports that he has even fulfilled the dreams of some adults at times.Nestled at the top of a hill in the North Pole is Kringle’s mystical abode and workshop where preparation for the next Christmas commences once he completes his annual deliveries. Despite the fact that he lives miles away from most, he is said to have the ability to see children wherever they are all year long. And,Cheap Jerseys Store, of course, everybody knows that his generosity is limited to those who have been nice leaving the naughty ones to wish they too were nice. This latter notion has worked well for parents over the years as they are often able to convince their children to be nice or risk not receiving their much desired gifts at Christmas.Nevertheless, some have over the years questioned the existence of this legendary character. Is he real? Or is he just a fictional personality conjured up by some author centuries ago? Such a conclusion may vary from individual to individual.However, real or not, according to the annals of the centuries, the concept of Kris Kringle is premised on a real being.  His name was Saint Nicholas and he lived in southwestern Turkey in the Fourth Century. He was known as the Bishop of Myra and was credited with performing a number of miracles involving sailors and children.  This led to him being bestowed with the honour of a Patron Saint to both groups as well as unmarried girls after his death.And so as a Saint he was given his own Feast Day which was at first celebrated on December 6. A subsequent decision was taken by the Christian authorities of the day to also celebrate the birth of Christ, and so December 25 was chosen. Eventually Saint Nicholas’s Feast Day also became associated with December 25 and his connection with Christmas was established. In fact, a whole tradition came alive afterwards whereby word spread around that he had somehow been reincarnated as Kris Kringle and had started visiting the homes of children on Christmas Eve to bring them cheer.KRINGLE DETRACTORSBut although the notion of Kris Kringle has remained very popular over the years, in the past few years he has had a few detractors. In January of 1990, an article appeared in the Spy Magazine under the name of Richard Waller that was skeptical of Kringle’s capability to do what he supposedly does each Christmas Eve. The article, after its initial appearance in the magazine, was republished numerous times on the web and emailed all over the Internet.Among other things, Waller calculated that Kringle, moving from east to west around the globe, could use the different time zones and the rotation of the Earth to extend his night for as long as 31 hours. And since he needs to visit approximately 92 million households (the number of Christian children divided by the average number of children per household) according to Waller, this means he needs to travel approximately 75.5 million miles. The article states that the distance divided by the time means Kringle’s sleigh must move at a speed of 650 miles per second, 3000 times faster than the speed of sound, to complete its route.Waller then went on to calculate that if every child gets a two-pound present, the sleigh must weigh about 321,300 tons. He then ups that figure to 353,430 tons to account for some 214,200 reindeer he thinks would be needed to pull that heavy a sleigh.The article ends by noting that if the sleigh and team attempt to move through the atmosphere at 650 miles per second they would be exposed to enormous air resistance, the same way a spacecraft gets heated upon re-entering the atmosphere, and they would explode in flames.Waller sarcastically ends the article noting that if there ever was a Kringle personality, given the acceleration forces such a flight would subject him to,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he must now be dead.REBUTTING THE DOUBTSNumerous rebuttals have been written to the Spy Magazine article. Some point out that there are flaws in Waller’s calculations or assumptions. For instance, the payload problem could be handled by making numerous return trips to the pole. It increases the length of the total trip by a tiny fraction, but divides the weight of the sleigh by the number of return trips.Other writers note that Christmas does not come on the same day in all countries. Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas a few days after December 25th which means Kringle gets at least two shots a year to complete his mission. One writer explained that the number of stops needed in the calculation is incorrect since dividing the total number of children by the average number of children per household to get the number of stops does not consider families where there are no children at all.Roger Highfield, who wrote the book Can Reindeer Fly? The Science of Christmas,Wholesale Jerseys, suggests that Waller has not considered that Kringle might have some high tech solutions to his problems. For example, “inertial dampers” – a device that is referred to in the Star Trek movies to keep the crew from getting shmoshed (obliterated) as the Enterprise accelerates to Warp 8 – could be used by Kringle to solve his high-acceleration problems. The technology isn’t known to our science, but perhaps to Kringle, who knows?In fact some people have even suggested that Kringle has the technology to manipulate time. By creating an artificial time bubble around his sleigh and his person, he could speed himself up as much as he needed. Again, this is far beyond human technology, but however he does it, he seems to manage each year to delight millions of children on Christmas morning as he has done for centuries. Perhaps it’s just magic.THE TRADITION CONTINUESSeveral songs and stories have over the years attempted to detail just how the legendary character is able to undertake his annual task. Some have even sought to capture in writing Kringle’s Workshop where many elves scurry around all year long in order to skillfully create numerous toys intended to be gifts for the children listed on his ‘Nice List’.Although there may continue to be many tales emerging all seeking to outline how this, perhaps superficial, being became a standard Christmas fixture,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, it is clear that the persona of Kringle has been played by many actors/actresses over the years ranging between ethnicities, genders and even cultures.  The concept has nevertheless remained the same – giving, giving and giving some more, especially to less fortunate children.While some children in North American countries,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, for instance, even to this day expect a jolly, chubby fellow to somehow slip down their chimneys to leave gifts and sample milk and cookies they would have left for him, children all around the rest of the world have over the years settled for his look-alikes in the shopping malls and on the street corners who attempt to bring added cheer during the Christmas Season.However, as the season evolved over the years it took on a more commercialized tone with the depiction of the Kringle character somewhat degenerating.  It saw business owners opting to have parents pay to have their children see Kringle’s impersonation and of course this has remained the acceptable trend in many countries. But if one were to consider the traits that encompass this mythical character, it may leave you thinking that no human can adequately personify Kringle.Deep down in your heart of hearts, though it may be laden with uncertainties, you know there is a being fitting enough to be called Father Christmas –Kris Kringle, fit to be a Christmas Day ‘Special Person’.
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