Cheap Jerseys From China who were all unarmed

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Cheap Jerseys From China who were all unarmed

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The Guyana Police Force says that the use of handcuffs by a rank carrying out an arrest is standard operation procedure and cannot be considered as the use of excessive force.This was in response to statements attributed to the President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), Colin Bynoe, concerning the arrest of teacher Ronald Forde at the Fort Wellington Secondary School,Brian Gionta Jersey, last week Monday.Following the arrest of the teacher, who has since been charged in connection with having sex with one of his students,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the GTU President was quoted as saying that the Police used excessive force when they entered the school to make the arrest, while being heavily armed.It was also reported that heavily armed ranks blocked the entrance to the school, the teacher was arrested in his classroom, and that students were taken away for interviewing without the Headmaster’s consent.But the police in a press release issued yesterday refuted all the claims.According to the Force, following a report received on the day of the alleged sexual molestation of female students by a teacher at the school, Divisional Commander,NFL Jerseys Supply, Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai and a team of plainclothes Police Detectives, including a female rank, who were all unarmed, went to the Fort Wellington Secondary School around 10:00 hours, where contact was made with the Headmaster, Mr. Brian George in his office.While in his office, the police informed the Headmaster of the allegations being made against the teacher and that they wished to speak to him.The Headmaster then summoned the teacher to his office where he was subsequently arrested and escorted to the Central Police Station.The Police said in the release that members of an armed police patrol who were passing at the time and observed the police vehicle and plainclothes ranks, stopped on the roadway in front of the entrance to the school to make enquiries.“These ranks were not a part of the team that went to the Fort Wellington Secondary School to deal with the matter and at no time did the armed ranks enter the school compound,” the police statement said.Subsequent investigations, the police stated, led to two female Detectives returning to the school where the Headmaster was again contacted and informed that the police wished to interview four female students who were in the school at the time.According to the police,China NFL Jerseys, contrary to reports in the media that the Headmaster turned down this request, the police ranks were given his approval and the Deputy Head Teacher Ms. Kim Lewis was sent to accompany the students to the station.While on their way to the Central Police Station they were joined by two female officers from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security based in Region Five, Ms. Nicholson and Ms. Davidson, who were at the school at the time.The parents of two of the children also subsequently came to the station. The children were all sent away with their parents after the interview, the police said.A senior officer in Berbice told this newspaper that the police would have learnt from the criticism they received from the public in relation to the slaying of a schoolboy at the Patentia Secondary School on the West Bank of Demerara,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, when armed police responded to a report of disorderly behaviour.“The Guyana Police Force wishes to reiterate that it has to do its duty and take action when reports are made,Wholesale China Jerseys, which in this instance was professionally done in keeping with the official procedures, and while there may have been some amount of trauma to some students the Force has a job to do,” the police statement said.
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