Wholesale Jerseys China 276 cases

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Wholesale Jerseys China 276 cases

Postby pjqhr230 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:49 pm

As the Guyana Police Force (GPF) continues to compile its statistics on traffic offences for the year,Wholesale Football Jerseys, reports have shown that more than 21,000 cases against motorists were made within 2015’s first six months.According to the latest set of statistics compiled by GPF, the police made a total of 21,170 cases against motorists for breaching the traffic laws. This was for the period January 1 to May 31, 2015. The police are yet to release statistics for June but the figure is expected to grow.The majority of these offences were for speeding. For the reviewed period, speeding offences accounted for 8,214 of the 21,170 offences. This was approximately 39% of the total offences.Speeding offences were almost eight times more than the second highest offence after speeding. The police recorded overloaded minibuses as the most recurring offence. For this offence, there were 1,075 cases,Wholesale Jerseys China, approximately five per cent of the total cases.Breach of condition of road service licences/music offences were also approximately five per cent of the total cases recorded; this offence accounted for 1,058 of the 21,170 offences.Other offences included driving under the influence of alcohol (607 cases),Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, failure to wear seatbelts (602 cases), breaches of traffic light signals (400 cases) and the use of cell phones while driving (276 cases).Speeding was also the leading cause of fatal accidents from January 1 to May 31. For the reviewed period,Cheap Jerseys From China, there were 36 accidents resulting in 45 deaths.According to the statistics,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, 16 fatal accidents, approximately 44 per cent, were as a result of speeding. Inattentiveness was the second leading cause of fatal accidents with 12 cases, approximately 33 per cent. Driving under the influence of alcohol accounted for seven fatal accidents while failure to conform to signs caused one fatal accident.The 45 deaths from 36 fatal accidents represented a decline over 2014’s statistics for the same period. In 2014, there were 44 deaths recorded from 41 fatal accidents.Serious accidents also declined by 21 per cent; in 2013,Cheap Jerseys Online, there were 173 serious accidents while for the reviewed period in 2015, there were 136 recorded serious accidents.Pedestrians continue to be the most affected by road accidents in Guyana. Out of the recorded 45 deaths, 16 of them were pedestrians. Passengers in cars were the second most affected with 10 of 45 deaths.
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