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Jose Mourinho manager of Manchester City. United are confident Alexis Sanchez Pike can handle small voices negative comments without problems.
Since the Chilean national team moved out of Arsenal on the ferry to Old Trafford last January, but only one shot from nine games until the attack. Very hard
However, Mourinho backed Alexis as a football player with a positive attitude, but during training diligently and believe that the criticism will not affect the players, of course.
"10 minutes before the rehearsal he will arrive first. He does this every time. He always comes before his friends, "former Chelsea trainer praised by the news agency Sky Sports News.
"The criticisms? We all know that in England, people often have to face criticism almost. I did not see anyone hit. It's all the same. "sbobet mobile =@
"But Alexis is not a kid. He has been in the football industry for many years and has a lot of experience. So what does this criticism do to him? "
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