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Detectives have taken DNA samples from the reputed husband of Sirmattie Ramnaress and some of her close associates, in the hope of finding the perpetrators behind her well-planned murder.Kaieteur News understands that Crime Scene ranks also took DNA samples from a few beverage bottles that were on a table in the slain woman’s Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara house.A source said that the beverage in one unopened bottle was still cold when the detectives visited the scene after the murdered woman was found.Sirmattie RamnaressA source said that investigators are not focusing on one individual and suggested that the identity of the woman’s killers may come as a surprise to some if the case is solved.A senior police official expressed optimism last night that investigators were making progress.“We are at a delicate stage; we will have to hold confrontations; we are coming around nicely.”‘FIANCE’ SURFACESMeanwhile, the case has taken a bizarre turn with an overseas-based man indicating to police that he is 46-year-old Ramnaress’s fiancé. Kaieteur News understands that the man has told police that the two were planning to marry next month. He would reportedly come to Guyana four times a year.According to a senior official, Ramneress’s home contained a secret room in which gold and cash were found.Some of Ramneress’s relatives are upset that Police Sergeant Colin Bailey is being described as her reputed husband, and insist that they separated about ten years ago.However, Sergeant Bailey told Kaieteur News that he and Ramnaress were still together. He said that he had slept at her home last week Monday, and that she had visited his home at Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara to have a truck loaded with goods last Wednesday.He said that he had extra keys to Ramnaress’s home and he gave the relatives these keys because the ones Ramnaress had could not be found.Bailey said that he became aware recently that his ‘reputed wife’ had a fiancé. According to him, she had always insisted that the man, whom he described as a retired policeman, was merely a business partner.Sirmattie Ramnaress, also known as ‘Pavita’, of 21st  Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, was found lying face down in her garage around 08:30 hours on Saturday, by a  handyman who went to her residence.Singh’s body bore two stab wounds to the neck and hip and she also had a head injury. A post mortem is expected to be performed today.Bloodstains on the floor seemed to indicate that she was attacked in her living room and was then dragged by her feet to the garage.A stacked storage bond at the back of the property was torched, while the house was doused with diesel fuel but not set alight.Investigators seem to believe that Ms. Ramnaress was murdered during the early hours of Saturday.According to a source, some detectives believe that the crime scene was staged, down to the ransacking of the home, the dousing of the property with fuel,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, and the placing of three bottles of beverages on a table to imply that three intruders had entered the house.The fact that the surveillance tapes from the victim’s house were missing has also led some to suggest that someone who was familiar with the premises is the perpetrator.
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