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Guyana’s DNA shortcomings will certainly be amplified with the discovery of yet another human skeleton, this time on the West Bank of Demerara.The skeletal remains of a male were found in an unused plot of land near the canefields aback of the old Claybrick Factory in the Belle West backlands.Police in the Canal Number One Polder canefields, the scene of the discovery of another human skeleton.It was discovered by farmers since last Thursday, but according to one of them, because of fear of police harassment, they were reluctant to inform the authorities.From all appearances, the remains were at the spot for some time, but were left undetected because no one had used that area.However, because of some infrastructural work to facilitate farming, farmers had begun clearing the land and stumbled upon the skeleton.“Dem farmers find de ting and they run and lef it. Because of police harassment,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, dey didn’t want go to the police,” said one farmer.It was he, who after learning of the presence of the skeleton, informed the police yesterday morning.According to the farmer, someone had set fire to the area, maybe with a view to clearing the land or with the intention to conceal the possible crime.The skeleton was clad in a white,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, black and blue three-quarter pants and one side of a white Nike boots was nearby. The right leg and some of the teeth were missing.The skull, part of the human remains. When this newspaper arrived, detectives had already secured the remains and were waiting for government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh to conduct preliminary investigations.According to a senior official, at this stage,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, detectives cannot determine if they are dealing with a murder.“We will have to wait on the findings of the Pathologist to determine that,Discount NFL Jerseys,” the official said.No one in the area has reported missing anyone and the identity of the person could take some time in ascertaining.“It couldn’t be last week or two weeks ago, that had to be there long,” a villager told Kaieteur News.Investigators will definitely have to rely for sure on DNA,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, and with Guyana’s lack of capacity to do so, detectives will have their job cut out to proceed with any possible prosecution.A week ago, police stumbled on the charred remains of a body believed to be that of missing taxi driver Bomeshwar Sukhdeo in a clump of bushes on the Mocha Access Road.Although, relatives believe that the remains are his,NFL Jerseys Cheap, investigators have taken samples which they intend to have a DNA test performed on to be absolutely certain.Despite this, two men have been charged for his murder.There is still some amount of uncertainty surrounding the remains of eight miners killed at Lindo Creek a little over two years ago.Their remains were sent to Jamaica for DNA and to date there is no definitive finding.
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