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Wholesale Jerseys Roger Yearwood

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CJIA drug bust…A Roraima Airways security staffer and a driver from the Waterchris Restaurant were placed in state custody yesterday after making an appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for reportedly having an excess of one kilogram of cocaine in their possession at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).Mark FredericksThe men, Sydney Matthews and Mark Fredericks,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, were charged for the high profile bust which took earlier this week.  They were not required to plea after Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry read the charge.The police said that Matthews who works as a security agent for Roraima Airways was seen in the airport compound with a bag and was challenged for a search by airport security. They said that the airport security approached Matthews who refused to hand over the bag. He allegedly threw the bag on a forklift filled with meals for the Delta Flight.Security ranks,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, however,Wholesale Jerseys, retrieved the bag and after searching, found the alleged narcotics. The police information further stated that on the day in question,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, Fredericks who is the Waterchris Restaurant driver left the restaurant for CJIA taking with him meals for the outgoing Delta flight to New York.They said that Fredericks intervened when the airport security retrieved the bag off the forklift. He reportedly attempted to snatch the bag out of the airport officials hand but was unsuccessful in doing so. As a result, both persons were arrested in connection with the drugs.Attorney-at-law Glenn Hanoman represented Matthews. He,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, however, declined to give his client’s personal information saying that the man and his family‘s life had been threatened. He did not state by whom.Attorney-at-law, Roger Yearwood, made a bail application for Fredericks. He described the prosecution’s facts as “stupidness”.He asked how the police was going to prove possession when they admitted that his client had attempted to take away the bag form airport officials.Yearwood said that his client was not around when the fracas took place between the Roraima worker and the airport security. He claimed that the police declined to add that the bag belonged to his client’s office and in knowing that, Fredericks attempted to take away the bag from the airportSydney Matthewsstaff.The lawyer later said that his client is 51-years-old and lives at Republic Park,Cheap Jerseys Store, East Bank Demerara. He said his client had no previous convictions and is not a flight risk. Bail was requested in a reasonable sum.The prosecution in arguing against bail said that the reasons by the defense were not enough. The police said that the facts suggest that at some point Fredericks was in possession of the bag.The court remanded the two accused who will appear on October 7 at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.
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