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Andre Branch Dolphins Jersey vhafva0r

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– no one seriously injuredA minibus driven by an allegedly drunken driver caused a five-vehicle smash-up on Monday night in front of the New Amsterdam Hospital. Investigators are of the opinion that speeding and alcohol were responsible for the accident. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.According to information reaching Kaieteur News at around 22:40 hrs, the minibus BJJ 1694 owned and driven by Rampersaud Arjune, 31, of Canefield,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale, East Canje, was heading towards New Amsterdam at a rapid rate, when the driver, in trying to negotiate the turn in front of the New Amsterdam Hospital, lost control and crashed into four cars that were parked on the eastern parapet in front of the institution.The vehicles damaged were HB 7592, belonging to Shoube Mohammed of Fyrish Corentyne, HA 9881, belonging to Bibi Khan of Vryheid West Canje, Berbice and driven by her husband Tulsidass Sugrim of the same address, PHH 9184, belonging to Mitchell Taylor of 45 Stanleytown and PHH8658 owned and driven by Vincent Hughes of 52 Stanleytown .This minibus reportedly struck four cars outside the New Amsterdam HospitalThe bus extensively damaged two of the vehicles, but Taylor’s car (PHH 9184) bore the brunt of the impact and was a complete write-off. HA 9881 was also extensively damaged.None of the persons was in their vehicles at the time of the accident. Some had gone into the hospital to seek medical attention, while a few had brought patients to the hospital and were awaiting their return.The driver, whom it is understood was out on a drinking spree, attempted to flee the scene after the accident but was apprehended immediately. He complained of feeling unwell and requested to be taken for medical attention. When he was let go he quietly slipped away.He was however apprehended on Tuesday and is still in custody as investigations continue. For some reason the bus seats had been removed and were filled with coconuts and some bottles.Officer in Charge of traffic in Police ‘B’ Division Assistant Superintendent Calvin Brutus in a comment to Kaieteur News stated that most of the accidents, especially in Berbice, are caused by speeding and the abuse of alcohol.**************************Money laundering legislation amended The Minister of Legal Affairs, Charles Ramson on Monday successfully managed to have the House approve an amendment to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.The amendment allows for the Minister by order to further extend the period in which reporting entities under the Act, such as Banks, are made to verify the identity of customers.Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh relating to the Bill said that even though the period came to a deadline on Monday, there were still many thousands of persons that are still to comply with the requirement which meant that their accounts would have to be closed.He said that the administration was approached by some entities and made aware of the problem that there were still many persons that they were yet to have verified, and as such, the amendments were crafted.The Minister said that they did not want to be in a position where they would have to introduce the penalty, and wanted the transition to be resolved amicably.Shadow Finance Minister Winston Murray said that they supported the amendment and urged that the financial institutions play a greater role in seeking to have the customers comply with the legislation.****************************Bail for man accused of wounding girlfriendMagistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton yesterday granted bail to the tune of $30,000 to 23-year-old Carlos Trotman of Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, after he pleaded not guilty to a charge of wounding causing bodily harm.It is alleged that on Monday last he caused bodily harm to his girlfriend Susan Daniels. Trotman was represented by attorney at law Paul Rodney who said in a statement that the parties shared a romantic relationship and Daniels wanted to end it.He further added that his client works as a logger in Mahaicony Creek and he has a four-year-old child.Rodney made an application for bail to which Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford did not object, and the Magistrate granted the request.Trotman is scheduled to return to court on September 14.Also appearing before the same magistrate was Roger Braithwaite of Arakaka North West District. He was charged with felonious wounding.The allegation is that on Tuesday July 20 last, Braithwaite wounded Moleen Bernard, with intend to maim, disfigure and caused bodily harm.He was not required to plead since the charge was indictable.Braithwaite was further remanded and the matter was transferred to the Matthew’s Ridge Magistrate’s Court. The scheduled date is November 2.
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