20 hours on Sunday December 22

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20 hours on Sunday December 22

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Police are investigating the circumstances which caused the death of one man after he allegedly lost control of his motorcycle shortly after leaving a wedding house in the wee hours of Sunday morning.According to information, Fazal Baksh, 37, a father of three of Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice, had earlier attended a wedding where he imbibed in alcoholic beverages.He was reportedly on his way home, around 03:20 hrs, and was heavily under the influence of alcohol when he accelerated his motorcycle around the hazardous D’ Edward Turn, lost control and slammed into a utility pole.Fazal BakshIt is understood that the man, who double as a security guard and a rice factory worker, was experiencing domestic problems.According to a relative, Baksh met him at the wedding house a street away from his home earlier on Saturday evening. According to the relative, they drank about six beers each and partied until about 02:00 hrs the next day. The relative stated that about 03:00, police visited the wedding house and ordered that the music be turned off. Baksh, according to the relative did not go home, but instead headed towards the Rosignol Ferry Stelling.His motorcycle was badly damaged and his helmet was broken in a number of places.Another relative told this newspaper that Baksh’s wife for 14 years, Bibi, who lost one leg in an accident, moved out of the home on Friday. It was the second occasion she had walked out of the home. “The first time she went and live with another man and then return. This time she has gone again,” the relative said.According to a police report, at about 03:20 hours on Sunday December 22, 2013, Fazal Baksh, 37 years, of Cotton Tree, WCB, was driving a motor cycle along the main road at D’Edward Village, WCB, when he lost control and collided with a utility pole.He received injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Fort Wellington Hospital.Investigations are continuing and a post mortem investigation is expected to be done soon.
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