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Postby dfr2xcdm72 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:01 am

Roti and Henry facing nuff heat over $90 million that de government give de police to feed de ranks. If anybody get de money dem ain’t talking. One man claim how he never get de money and he ranks had to go pun de road and beg fuh food.Henry mouth still gum up because he ain’t seh not a word when people asking question. Roti doing all de talking till dem boys want to know if he know anything bout balance. He run and talk bout balance reporting and he mek dem boys ask he if he know fuh balance accounts because de $90 million still missing.Dem boys seh that all of that can be avoided if only Uncle Donald listen. Nuff people is Muslim and all of dem seh that Guyana should hold elections during Ramadan. Dem don’t mean no disrespect to dem Muslim brothers but dem know that once is Ramadan people got to fast.De police guh have to fast and de government wouldn’t have to give dem money to buy food. If that did happen de last time de 90 Michael wouldn’t have disappear. Roti wouldn’t have to threaten Ramnarine and Henry wouldn’t have to shut he mouth while people talking.Of course, was Roti who seh that police always like beg because he know that people always complaining how police does stop dem and beg. Suh,Cheap MLB Jerseys, even if dem did buy all de food de police woulda still beg.Now if was during Ramadan people woulda mek dem same policeman fast. And nobody woulda got to talk bout thiefing. De Auditor General wouldn’t have had to mount some investigation.Dem boys seh that all Roti talk de Auditor General don’t believe him. If he did believe that statement that money spend and some still lef, he wouldn’t have investigated. But when that done is who he gun charge? He can’t charge Roti and he can’t charge Henry. Uncle Donald wouldn’t allow it.Talk half and don’t complain bout de other half.
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