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– Chief Education OfficerChief Education Officer (CEO) of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Olato Sam, believes that all students in the Primary school system should be able to master reading by Grade 3.“There is no reason…everything in the system is structured to ensure that that happens; that is the mandate of this system and parents need to understand that if they have primary children in Grades One,NFL Jerseys 2018, Two, Three or Four, your children should have mastered basic literacy and pick up the newspapers any day and read fluently, and if by the end of Grade 3 this isn’t happening, you need to go into the school and speak to our teachers and discuss what needs to be done and how we can ensure that this is happening across the board.”Mastering reading concepts at a very early age in the primary school, he added, is the key to having children do better in Math, Science, English and Social Studies.CEO of the MoE Olato Sam“We are trying very hard at the lower levels to ensure that our children master these basic competencies”.He underscored the importance of the National Grade Four Assessment and expressed the hope for better performances this year.“And what we are hoping is that in time, the secondary schools will perform better because they are getting better quality primary students coming forward.”The CEO was addressing parents at the JC Chandinsingh Secondary School in Port Mourant last Wednesday during a face-the-community meeting, where several issues were raised.Other issues such as the need for better school fences, security guards, more textbooks, better- functioning laboratories, poor examination results, etc were raised with the CEO.At the meeting, concerns were also expressed about parents being afraid to highlight problems to education officials at face-the-community meetings for fear of their children being victimized.This sentiment was expressed by the President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the JC Chandinsingh Secondary School.“Sometimes when you ask the hard questions, people feel that you are getting personal and they are offended, and that is one of the reasons why lots of parents say that they don’t come to the meetings because when you say this, people will carry back and say that.”The PTA President urged parents to make time to visit their respective schools to monitor the progress of their children, and not only visit when their children are in problems with other students or teachers.He added, too, that businesspersons would like to help schools, “but they have lost confidence in the schools. I hope that we make some study and see how we can get it back to where it was.”Also in attendance was the Acting Minister of Education, Dr. Frank Anthony; Region 6 Chairman, Mr. David Armogan; and Region 6 Education Officer, Mrs. Shafiran Bhajan.
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