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– placed on bond to keep the peaceSurrounded by journalists and a throng of curious onlookers, Information and Press Liaison to theInformation and Press Liaison to the President Kwame Mc CoyPresident Kwame Mc Coy entered the Georgetown Magistrates Court yesterday to answer to charges of assault and threatening language.Mc Coy, represented by Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos, was placed on two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm, to which it is alleged that he maliciously and unlawfully wounded Clifton Stewart and Natalie Ross. He was also charged for the use of threatening language towards Stewart.Mc Coy stood motionless as the prosecution alleged that on November 12, stemming from an argument with Natalie Ross, he drove his vehicle in a dangerous manner, hitting Ross and rendering her unconscious.The prosecution added that members of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) were installing posters of the party’s Presidential candidate when they were approached by the defendant who told them to “get that f**ing thing down”.  The court heard that an argument ensued between the Mc Coy and Ross, where Mc Coy subsequently got into his vehicle and hit the woman with his car. Ross fell unconscious and was later hospitalized, the prosecutor concluded. Ross subsequently made a report to the police.The court also heard that on November 12 at Norton Street, Lodge, Mc Coy, along with others were posting photos of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP) Presidential Candidate on utility poles when he was rebuked by Stewart who told him to be careful with the APNU posters which were erected.Mc Coy, it is alleged, told Stewart that he (Stewart) was a marked man. The defendant allegedly started taking photos of Stewart who became fearful and began to walk away.The court further heard that Mc Coy along with four women begun to follow the complainant causing an argument to ensue. Mc Coy allegedly took out a silver gun and dealt Stewart a blow to the head with the said firearm. The defendant immediately got into a taxi and made his way to the police station and made a report.Bernard De Santos, Mc Coy’s attorney, gave the personal particulars of his client and asked that he be released and made to return to court on his own recognizance. He continued his application, stating that prominent persons with matters before the courts were made to leave the court on their own recognizance.The lawyer said his client was contacted only yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 14) and informed to be at the court.Attorney Basil Williams appeared for both Ross and Stewart,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, though Stewart was the only one present. The attorney said that the incident involving the car should be attempted murder rather than an assault charge. Williams indicated that the charges instituted against Mc Coy did not reveal the severity of the offences. He also said that Mc Coy’s firearm should be lodged at the police station but the request was denied since the court indicated it was the job of the police to make such an application.Mc Coy was later placed on a bond to keep the peace and was ordered to lodge his passport with the police. The press and publicity official is expected back in court on February 21.Mc Coy then signed the bond, but then had to be asked several times by officers in the court to leave for the direction of the holding area. Even then, Mc Coy repeatedly enquired why he had to be taken to the cell area, and it was explained to him that it was court procedure.The crowd screamed insults at Mc Coy as he headed to the holding area, prompting him to complain to officers escorting him:  “I hope you hear what they calling me and what they saying to me, I won’t take this lightly.” He was advised by ranks to take his complaints to the relevant authorities.When Mc Coy eventually emerged from the detention area, he refused to make eye contact with the crowd and quickly jumped into a waiting jeep.
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