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NFL Jerseys From China lhl1jqtr

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Ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) and the Police Anti-Narcotics Unit intercepted a total of 55 lbs of cocaine at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri in two separate operations early yesterday morning.According to reports the first bust was made by CANU ranks around 02:00 hours. This publication was told that a suitcase packed with 25 bricks of cocaine was found on a Caribbean Airlines aircraft which was heading to New York. Reports are that acting on information ranks waited mere minutes before the flight was ready for departure to conduct a search during which the cocaine was found.Shortly after, ranks from the Police Anti-Narcotics Unit carried out a search on a vehicle that carries luggage to be loaded onto the aircraft and two bricks of cocaine were found. It is believed that the two busts are linked to each other. Sources close to the investigation revealed that the two bricks found by the police may have been stolen from the larger portion which was earlier intercepted by CANU ranks. Four persons have been taken into custody to assist with investigations.This recent bust comes close on the heels of several others at the same port. Only a week ago, two persons were placed before the court for attempting to smuggle cocaine through the CJIA. Prior to that incident, several kilos of cocaine were found in a haversack. On that occasion it was believed that the bag was thrown over the perimeter fence of the airport. Drug fighting agencies have been trying their best to combat the drug trade which has been seeing more innovative ways of smuggling recently. However, while there continues to be arrests, getting to the core of the matter is still a major challenge for law enforcement officials. Officials continue to stumble on cocaine being exported through the mail,Cheap NFL Jerseys, in fish, vegetables, fake walls of suitcases, false bottom shoes, and in one bizarre instance cocaine was found concealed in the wheel chair of a crippled pensioner who was about to board a flight destined for the United States of America.
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