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Members of the Timehri North community, East Bank Demerara, expressed emphatically at a community meeting last Sunday, concerns over rumours that residents will be removed by month end. The residents said they understand that the community is expected to be flattened. They are also concerned about information which alleges that mechanisms, such as fortifying the local police station, are being put in place since there are expectations of civil unrest during the leveling exercise.The community’s Public Relations Officer, Sherlander Daniels, told Kaieteur News on Monday that the community is making preparations to address the situation and are seeking to hold a press briefing on Thursday.She told this publication that residents are concerned over the non -communication of government officials who say that a relocation committee is working in the community’s favour.According to the circulating information, Daniels said, it is alleged that plans are in the making to level the homes of residents by the end of the month. She added that news reached the community that sometime last week, at a site meeting with Government officials and BK international; it was asked of the construction firm to donate a gate to the Timehri Police Station in the event that there is unrest during the leveling of homes.She charged that the government has made no attempt to reach residents and to update them on the removal situation. Having been levelled at least two times before, residents say they are taking no chances given the silent treatment that is being meted out to them.She said it is hoped that the relevant authorities play an active role in the Timehri dilemma, while consultations with community lawyers have recommenced.Minister of Works Robeson Benn has however debunked the rumours. While he refused comments on when the ‘squatters’ of Timehri North will be removed, he stressed that no such plan is in the making for month end. He told Kaieteur News that it is all “misinformation and an attempt to cause trouble.”He continued that at present, the Ministry of Works, airport officials, members of the Central Housing and Planning Authorities and Local government officials who are working towards the relocation plan for the community, meet every two weeks to address the matter.When asked about the community’s concern that none of the residents are on that committee he said, “of course they would not be a part of the committee,” as it is at a governmental level where ‘squatters’ will be informed of the developments when the time comes.Benn further explained that in relation to the gate issue, during the expansion of the four-lane roadway leading to the nation’s international airport,Wholesale Jerseys Online, the police station fence was demolished and set back to confirm with safety regulations in relation to proximity of fence and road.In any case, he explained, the fence would have been removed and relocated, emphasizing that it has nothing to do with any unrest.Benn went on to say that BK International’s work was delayed by six months because of the time it took to remove vendors from the recently demolished and relocated community market. He said this too had to be placed at a safe distance, away from the main road to confirm to procedures.Kaieteur News also made contact with BK International on the gate issue. A senior engineer (name given) at the firm, confirmed that only yesterday morning he was informed of a new gate for the police station. He noted that he is unaware as to whether the gate will be donated since he is aware that a quotation will be made out for the safety feature as part of the works in the area.He said since the road has been extended, he is aware that the fence had to be moved. In the case of this kind of work, he continued, if it requires such moves to be made it has to be facilitated, catering for the building process.Towards the end of last year, Timehri North residents called for an audience with government officials and to date they said there has been no response. They argued that for years the community had been promised to be developed with Ministry official, Ms. Philomena Sahoye-Shury, asking persons to attain utilities before the community is regularized.Government has however, highlighted other plans for the Timehri community. They are setting to extend the country’s largest airport to facilitate what they said is the expectation of larger planes and an influx of visitors, especially with the construction of the multi-million-dollar Marriott Hotel and the growing eco- tourism direction that  the country is taking.The residents are however in the way of these plans, government say, and they will eventually be removed.
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