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Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic in Georgetown

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Rawle Hardy, 26, found himself in hot water when he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, Rochelle Renville. He was brought before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and jailed for 14 days.It allegedly that on March 18, last,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, in Georgetown,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Hardy dealt Renville several cuffs and slaps about her face and head after reading a text message send to her cellular phone by a male.The accused shared an intimate relationship with the plaintiff.To the charge he pleaded guilty, then he sought to offer an explanation. He was unrepresented.Hardy told the Magistrate that on the day of the incident his girlfriend was in his car proceeding to Georgetown,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, when he questioned her about a text message she had received on her phone.He said that upon arrival at her mother’s house,Jerseys From China, he again demanded an explanation for her receiving the text. It was after she did not respond that he dealt her a slap, he said.He then explain to the court that Renville was supposed to be present to inform the court that she did not wish to proceed with the matter.Corporal Venetta Pindar informed the Magistrate that Hardy has no previous convictions.The matter was put down for sentencing at the afternoon’s session. Upon her appearance on the bench, Magistrate Beharry sent the accused to spend 14 days in the Camp Street penitentiary.And Phillip Jones 28,Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey, a bicycle mechanic was also sentenced to 14 days in the Camp Street jail for allegedly assaulting the mother of his child,cheap jerseys authentic, Cheryl Ambrose.Before Magistrate Beharry, the court was told that on March 14, the accused was at home with the plaintiff when he enquired from her about his cutlass.It was after she told him that she has no knowledge about it and that he could ask his cousins.He became annoyed and dealt her several slaps about her face and head.The accused blurted out, “I don’t know wat dat paper is saying that I slap her several times. I only slap her one time”.He also told the court that he was once charged for robbery under arms but was never convicted.Magistrate Beharry inquired from him the name of the Magistrate that was hearing that matter, but Jones stated that he cannot remember the name of the Magistrate.His matter was also put down for sentencing in the afternoon.
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