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Steel sheet-pile revetment work totaling $310M at New Hope along the East Bank Demerara Public Road, is finally completed.The contractor, Samaroo Investment is currently recapping the roadway, which was destroyed to facilitate the revetment works.The Public Works Ministry had earlier noted that the project was expected to conclude on February 23.Steel sheet pile revetment works conclude at New Hope.Initially, the project was expected to commence in May 2011, but difficulty sourcing steel sheet-piles on the European Market at that juncture was cited for the delay. It was not until November last year that physical works commenced under the project.According to a representative of Samaroo Investment, the project’s completion is within the timeframe, since the contractor was tasked with additional works.The representative was unable to say when rehabilitative works on the road would conclude but in the interim vehicles would continue to traverse on the $14M diversion road built by BJ Civil Works.Currently, the diversion road could only facilitate one-lane of traffic resulting in major build-up, especially during peak hours. In addition, depression in the diversion road, which is almost one-year, is contributing to the slothful flow of traffic.BJ Civil Works was tasked with constructing the diversion road, 12 feet wide and 330 metres in length with 1.5 inches of asphalted surface.The design of the road includes 18 inches of white sand,Isaiah Thomas Jersey, 12 inches of sand clay, white sand and cement, four inches of crushed stone, and prime coat, tack coat, and then 1.5 inches of asphalt. Each stage of the works must be compacted.The Public Works Ministry had said that it was necessary to construct a concrete structure instead of a timber bridge, owing to the volume of traffic that traverses the East Bank Public Road.
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