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The major Parliamentary Opposition bloc,cheap nfl jerseys elite, APNU,Iowa Hawkeyes Jerseys, yesterday suggested that the so-called “slip rule” could have been applied at midnight Tuesday and avoid budget cuts which were not intended.The Opposition had only intended to cut the $5.3 billion for the airport expansion project,Wholesale Jerseys, but a technicality forced a reduction of the entire Transport budget.Government Chief Whip Gail Teixeira had pointed out that both proposals from the Opposition Parliamentary parties APNU and AFC had errors; the proposed cuts were above what was actually budgeted.The actual budgeted amount was $5, 35 billion. However,China NFL Jerseys, APNU wanted to cut by $5.352, 999,Brian Poole Falcons Jersey UK, 000. AFC proposed $5,353,cheap nfl jerseys,000,000.Speaker Raphael Trotman adjourned for a few minutes to settle the matter with the Clerk and key members on both sides of the House. The Opposition argued that it was a “slip” that caused the error.The Speaker returned to say that the motions to cut the funding for the airport expansion could not stand in the form in which it was tabled.With the Opposition having no way out to only cut funding for the expansion of the airport, they had to cut all funding on the Transport budget in order to take their hard-line position on the airport expansion.And so the funding that was also cut from the budget was $175 million for hinterland roads, $80 million for the civil aviation and $26 million for the expansion of the Ogle Aerodrome.The Opposition contended that correcting errors is normally a straightforward matter using the ‘slip rule’.Although the Government lost the vote, the APNU said that it has no intention of opposing the Ogle Aerodrome assistance, CJIA cooperation, Civil Aviation equipment and Hinterland/ Coastal Airstrips projects.APNU spokesmen have invited the Government to bring the funding for these projects back to the National Assembly for consideration, as soon as it is possible, by way of a Supplementary provision.
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