Barcelona defeat Atletico to reach the UEFA Youth League sem

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Barcelona defeat Atletico to reach the UEFA Youth League sem

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A Spanish side was guaranteed to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Youth League as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid's youth sides were paired together for a quarter-final showdown, one which the Blaugrana won.Although Los Rojiblancos had the better of the early chances, Marques Mendez put the home team ahead in the 25th minute, agent sbobet firing home from inside the penalty area. Collado then scored a second three minutes before the break, finishing off a move which started down the left flank at the Mini Estadi.Although Atletico agent sbobet tried their best to find a way back into the one-legged tie, Barcelona were able to keep possession in the second half and nursed their two-goal lead to full-time. agent sbobet
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Price Comparison

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