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Pat Tillman Cardinals Jersey students

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“Working with students is very rewarding not because you can see their end result but you are learning too. They teach you so much, so you can keep learning all the time too…That is what is so fascinating about teaching.”By Sharmain Grainger For those who barely know her, Paulette Ragobeer, is a soft spoken lady who currently earns her living asImpactful Educator, Paulette Elene Ragobeera Biology lecturer at the University of Guyana (UG). However, the many who can profess to know this woman would readily tell you, that not only is she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the delivery of education, but they might even describe her as the type of human being who never surrenders; not even in the face of the most daunting of challenges.But there is a method to her endurance which you will learn of in this concise but very informative chronicle of her life which focuses mainly on her decades of educating students in different places and at varying levels.Paulette Elene Yaw of Beterverwagting  East Coast of Demerara was born on March 21, 1957, to parents, Louis and Ena Yaw. She is the third of eight siblings.Her education was first at the Beterverwagting Government School and then the St Mary Virgin Anglican School.At the latter institution she was able to sit the school leaving examination which gained her a place at The Bishops’ High School.After spending seven years at high school where she excelled,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, particularly in the sciences, the young Paulette graduated in 1975 and immediately landed a job at a prestigious bank – the then Royal Bank of Canada.Although she would have ideally preferred to further her studies at a university on completion of high school, that just wasn’t possible since the sizeable Yaw family simply couldn’t afford it at the time. Her father was a postmaster and her mother a homemaker, and while there was enough money to caterGetting ready to administer an examination to her Biology students at UGto the family’s necessities there wasn’t too much extra.This therefore meant that Paulette had to find the finances to advance herself academically.The bank job was therefore ideal for her since she believed then that a job in banking was far more lucrative than working in the other sectors.  “I thought that I could even help support the home and also save some money so that I can study later. I was looking at the financial aspect,” she related during an interview with this publication.But according to her, duties that saw her attending to the counter in the Savings Department and later entering data in the Current Accounts Department was not all that exciting.  “I was bored! The reason I was bored in banking is because it didn’t allow me to process information in a way that I liked. It didn’t afford me the challenges that I thrive on…I was basically doing the same thing every day and even though you got to meet people every day, it just was not challenging enough for me,” she recounted.One year later Ragobeer recounted that she opted to leave the banking system altogether but made it clear that “I am not saying that banking does not involve any kind of thinking, norIn the company of her colleagues at the Rockwall Christian Academy in I saying that banking is not challenging, but for me it did not provide enough of a challenge. I stayed at the bank for one year and it was like one year too long.”Her desire even as a young girl was to be involved in a field that allowed her to use her creative abilities. In fact she was desperate for something that would give her the freedom to “think outside of the box.”Some might say it was her destiny but it wasn’t too long after resigning from the banking sector that she became enthralled with the teaching profession and was soon applying to become a teacher herself. Her first teaching assignment was at the Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara, and Multilateral School. She was just a girl of 19 but even then was sure that teaching was the way to go.“I loved it. I taught Science – Chemistry, some Integrated Science and I think biology too but I loved it,” said Ragobeer of her early teaching days. With a smirk on her face she offered “I guess that is what I am wired for.”But it was no small task to teach at a school that wasn’t remotely among the top performingA photo opportunity with outstanding students and the Faculty of the New Guyana Schoolschools of the country. An advantage however was the fact that the school’s laboratory was well equipped allowing for easy facilitation of experiments, Ragobeer disclosed.And so she was only too willing to share her knowledge with her students, especially those who to most people didn’t stand a chance of getting good grades. “I liked working with them because it gave me the opportunity to show them that this is not so difficult…We can take it a little piece at a time, a little step at the time,” was the assurance Ragobeer offered her students as she worked for hours on end  with them.In fact, long before the extra lessons, after school, frenzy started,Stitched Jerseys, Ragobeer had implemented a similar tactic, except her sessions were at no financial cost to her students. It was simply a teacher wanting to see her students eventually come to understand a concept before the day was through.  “You could say I was giving them extra lessons for free because I wanted to see them excel; I wanted to see them reach their potential,” said Ragobeer. This was in spite of the fact that the school, at that time,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, didn’t enroll too many children with the potential of being high achievers.Her goal moreover was to ensure that her students learnt what was being taught.  “I literally poured my life into those students…” reflected Ragobeer. But her contributions were not only on the academic front alone.She was also instrumental in bringing life to the school’s Bible Club which she saw as a means of helping to mould her students into better individuals. Although this too was a challenge to realise, Ragobeer noted that it was eventually rewarding as she was able to see students leave school with some level of stability and direction.This, according to the satisfied educator, meant that students were being catered to on an academic as well as spiritual level.  “I was able to bridge those two together and help them (students) to understand that if you work hard God will help you and you can do just as well as the students from the more recognized High Schools.”She also encouraged her students, “not to feel that because you are here (Bladen Hall) it is a death sentence or because you didn’t make it to Bishops or QC (Queen’s College) you are not good enough….”The end result was what any teacher worth his or her salt would expect. Many of Ragobeer’s students went on to not only perform outstandingly at local examinations but even further afield. She just last week ran into one of her students who has done exceptionally well in the field of nursing overseas.As she reminisced on the three years of her teaching life at the Bladen Hall School, she believes that the outcome realized was directly linked to the fact that her intentions were always focused on empowering her students. This was in light of the fact, she observed, that there weren’t too many career opportunities,Cheap NBA Store, outside of farming in the East Coast Demerara locale, that her students could have easily delved into after completing their schooling.So keen was Ragobeer on empowering her students that she even took one of them, whose mother could barely cater to her learning needs, into her (Ragobeer’s) home just so that that student could have the quality of life that enabled her to study and eventually excel.“I saw my role as one where I was helping my students to be all they can be…it was about them achieving and moving on from there and using their high school experience as a springboard,” explained the educator as she made clear that “a teacher’s role should always be to prepare students for the rest of their lives.”And it was while preparing her students for the future that she met and married the love of her life, Lloyd Ragobeer, a fellow teacher at the very Bladen Hall School. Their union, which ended tragically when he died just over two decades ago, produced three children.According to her, coping with his husband’s death and having to raise three small children on her own could have been a breaking point in her life. However her belief in the Creator and her National Service training helped keep her very much intact. She was convinced that regardless of the circumstances faced she had the ability to do whatever she put her mind to.“When I look back at National Service I can see where it built grit in my life so that when I left I was filled with the thinking that there is nothing that is too hard for me to do. That was very beneficial to me particularly after my husband died…” she confided.At the time of her husband’s death, she and her family were residing in Jamaica where both she and husband taught at the Covent of Mercy School. Not willing to fall apart and deprive her children of a deserving future,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, she migrated to the United States where she lived and taught at the Rockwall Christian Academy in Texas. She is convinced that putting her faith in the Creator allowed for everything in her life to fall ideally into place.So there was no resisting the overwhelming feeling that overcame her to return to her homeland after four years of teaching in Texas. There was no simple way to explain to her colleagues there her decision, as according to Ragobeer, things were going absolutely well for her and her children. “I just knew that my season there had come to an end and I had to come home,” she recalled.Although teaching was the only profession she knew, Ragobeer had no idea what she was going to do upon her return. She was even chided by some of her close associates for returning to a country that has a rather high migration rate, especially of skilled and experienced people.And she certainly was skilled and very experienced.Even before her move to Jamaica back in 1991 she had read for a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology at UG and had even gone on to complete a Master’s Degree too among other programmes. For a period too she also offered her services at UG organizing courses through the then Institute of Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) programme. She also spent a stint in the Faculty of Health Sciences teaching Anatomy and Physiology.However,Clark Griswold Jersey, while she currently serves as a lecturer in the Faculty of Natural Sciences this did not materialize until a few years after her return from Texas.But although she hadn’t a plan upon her return in 1998 she was confident enough that the Creator would carefully lead her every move.And indeed when she least expected it she was invited to further utilize her teaching qualities at the New Guyana School where the position of Vice Principal was miraculously created for her.After a few successful years there she moved on to the Nehemiah Comprehensive School in Queenstown as Head Teacher there where she was no less impacting. It was however just over four years ago she couldn’t deny her calling to return to UG.“Working with students is very rewarding not because you can see their end result but you are learning too. They teach you so much, so you can keep learning all the time too…That is what is so fascinating about teaching,” said Ragobeer.Currently this very accomplished teacher at the age of 58 is still in the learning process herself reading for a doctorate in Transformational Leadership which she believes can equip her with the skills to further help young people under her tutelage “become all they can be.”
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