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By Abena Rockcliffe In light of recent pirate attacks on Guyanese fishermen, the Alliance For Change has expressed concern about the lack of adequate protection offered to the persons who ply this trade. The party stated that the government is simply not doing enough to protect those “who risk their lives at sea.”$17M luxury boatAFC member, Beverly Alert, who delivered the party’s position on the issue, stated that instead of the purchase of a $17M luxury boat and $37M water cannon “that can only wash away fleas,” the government should ensure that the money allocated to the police force is spent on motor patrol boats that can protect fishermen.Alert said that it was only when the media revealed information pertaining to the boat purchase; that the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, “in attempting to cover up the matter,” passed orders for the those police ranks responsible for buying the pleasure craft to  repay the money to the consolidated Fund.The party member said that what transpired was fraud and persons ought to have been prosecuted according to the law. She stated that instead, “there was a whitewash and a few senior ranks got a slap on the wrist.”Alert added that since the boat was purchased in 2009, only this year the Ministry of Home Affairs admitted that the vessel was not what ought to have been purchased. “In the meantime many more millions were spent repairing the boat which could never have been put into service.”This newspaper had quoted the cost of the water cannon as $37M. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs indicated on its website that “…in the year 2010 the sum of $37,000,000 was budgeted for the procurement of a Water Cannon for the Guyana Police Force but the equipment was purchased at an actual cost of $20,800,wholesale jerseys,000.00.”Alert expressed that the party holds the ideology that continued failure to protect fishermen on the part of the government will result in the loss of livelihood for many families especially those residing in Essequibo and Corentyne.“The failure to offer adequate protection has already resulted in the loss of lives for many fishermen and now the others who make their living by going out to sea are afraid to do so.”Alert said that she views the government stance on the fishermen and developing the fishing industry as a lot of lip service.“Every day that fishermen are out at sea, trying to earn a living and to provide for their families,Wholesale Jerseys China, is a day their families spend agonising over whether they will return. Instead of ensuring the protection of these ordinary people, Government gives us a lot of noise about how the industry is developing.“The fishing industry cannot really develop when humble fishermen are afraid to go out to sea, when their very lives are in danger if they venture out; they are very likely to lose their boats, engines and seines.”Alert said,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, “It is ridiculous that in this modern era, these agencies (Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard and the Guyana Police Force) are not capable of patrolling our waters. It is even more ridiculous when the government claims to lack the financial resources to equip these two agencies while at the same time it is taking money to invest in a Marriott Hotel and casino and expand the airport in the hope that visitors will use it.”The party member identified Khemraj Dhanpat,Wholesale China Jerseys, Clifford Singh, Ouditnarine Ramnarine,2018 NFL Draft Jersey, Mahendra Ompertab and Kenneth Melville as reasons why the government needs to look into the matter.The bodies of the five fishermen who disappeared while on sea more than a year ago have never been recovered. Two Guyanese men were placed before the Supreme Court in Paramaribo on murder charges.$20.8M Water CannonReports are that the accused men confessed that they smoked psychoactive drugs before attacking the fishing crew at nighttime.The two alleged the participation of three other Guyanese men also from the Corentyne as accomplices. The men are expected to return to court today as the trial continues. The stripped vessel was recovered on a mudflat in Suriname.This newspaper understands that the two men confessed to killing Khemraj Dhanpat called ‘Manohar’ or ‘Rajin’ (boat captain), his brother Narine Dhanpat called ‘Shrimp’, Ouditnarine Ramnarine,Cheap Jerseys, all of Number 64 village; Clifford Singh of Number 62 Village and Suresh Martin. The five were reportedly attacked while operating a vessel owned by Guyanese  Gajadar Bisnauth.
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