The rumors have not changed.

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The rumors have not changed.

Postby soksophoan » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:56 pm

ทางเข้า sbo
News of the "Red Devils" secretly stabbing Jamie Vardy from the nest "Siam fox" is not likely to be quite sure Lester Mercury local media scandalous " "Blitz" Alexis Sanchez spear "big gun" full of smoke. Manchester United are not likely to walk to buy Jamie Vardy, striker Leicester City according to the current news. And it seems that England's spearhead will continue to be linked to King Power Stadium, according to a report from Lester Mercury newspaper in Leicester. On Saturday, January 13, past. Jose Mourinho manager of the "Red Devils" is looking for high-end players to strengthen the army in January. After the hope of bringing the team back to win the English Premier League again, the look is fading away because of Manchester City to score with a goalkeeper with 31-year-old Vardy is one of the goals. also ทางเข้า sbo
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