FFXIV - Some Questions I Ask Myself

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FFXIV - Some Questions I Ask Myself

Postby TamamShamoon » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:05 am

1. Do you believe the NOVICE channel is working as intended in regards to general chat being allowed?

Not at all - to me it's just been one big disaster for the entire game, and the trouble is, it was doomed before it was even added, and you only had to look at FFXI to see how this was not going to end well. FFXI's mentor system was equally counterproductive, being used simply to inflate player egos and not actually help those who needed it (there was an old joke in FFXI that it was 'the mentors were really the ones who needed mentoring!'), and history has repeated itself here in FFXIV, only this time it is worse - as FFXI's version did not include a chat channel, it at least kept the problems with the system insular so to speak. That has just opened the floodgates and let all hell break loose.

2. Which would you rather have, unisex gear, or counterparts for each piece of gear released for both male and female?

I'm perfectly fine with gender-specific gear - players need to understand that it takes a large amount of resources to have to model a piece of gear for every gender and Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and when you increase the amount of races, that only adds to the gear modelling that has to be done. Like or not but that's the price that has to be paid when you have multiple races in the game that use 'paperdoll' graphics to show visible equipment.

3. Did you enjoy the 3.2 storyline?

I haven't started it yet due to working on other things - I take my time and pace myself through this game so I'm in no hurry to undertake it.

4. What is your favourite aspect of the patch and why?

From what I've done so far? Probably the orchestrion (despite it's minor flaws), and also Law-tome gear now being sold by Clan Centurio - I now have something worthwhile to spend all those previous useless Clan Centurio seals on!

5. What is your least favourite aspect of the patch and why?

From what I've played? I'm not really sure about changes to the map coordinates in Heavensward areas were a good idea - it's now making shouting spawn locations for Hunt NMs more confusing. The Mentor system is a huge disaster as well (for the reasons I already mentioned), and the Hall of the Beginner really needs tweaking, as some of the trials are... headscratchers (and really are not reflective of actual gameplay techniques players will need to learn during the game). I was a little disappointed also that the Antitower required a minimum ilevel 180 to undertake, but that's minor (I really need to get off my lazy butt and upgrade my gear! ).

6. What would you improve about patch 3.2?

Outside of scrapping the stupid Mentor system... nothing is really that bad that requires major changes.

7. What is your favourite dungeon/raid?

I haven't undertaken any new dungeons or raids so I can't answer this.
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