Something Intersting in FFXIV

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Something Intersting in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:29 am

First thing i noticed was that the tank wasn't really trying to mitigate any of their damage taken, and was just facepulling mobs. This put a heavy strain on my MP.

Second thing i noticed was that the DPS was really slow. I think the black mage was using their 2.X rotation and none of their new skills (except maybe ley-lines)

Of course i struggle to heal the entire thing because these things combined is an invitation to disaster, but we make it to the last boss. Before our first pull i ask the tank to wait for MP, she doesn't and pulls while i'm at 25% mp. We wipe because they can't dps down the orb things in time before the big aoe (i normally help, but i can't because i'm out of MP).

For the second pull, i'm ready, but the struggles do not end. The DPS, on top of their sub-par damage, were also failing to avoid mechanics, wouldn't move to avoid the wall of adds, and were standing in aoes to get off casts or finish their combos. Eventually i ran out of MP and could no longer afford to put much effort into healing them. They both died, but by that point Assize and Shroud of saints were both off cooldown so I was able to get more Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Neither of them timed their accepting of the raise and got up asap, and both ended up getting up right before his big room aoe and were shot back down instantly.

So there i am, with my last 2% MP desperately trying to keep the tank alive until i can get another assize/shroud of saints off, but the tank gets smacked down, and so do I.

I don't make it to the next attempt because somewhere along the way they decided it was all my fault and booted me. I can't imagine they had much luck with another healer.

(To make it clear, i was quite literally doing everything within my power to keep them alive, i used Divine Seal on cooldown, Eye for an Eye on cooldown, Virus, Medica 2 was always up, and regen was always on the tank. There is only so much i can do).

I actually ran into the tank the next day for my expert roulette, they didn't recognize me, but oh how i wanted to destroy them.
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