The DF Roulette of FFXIV

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The DF Roulette of FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:21 am

DF Roulette as lvl 32 DRK few days ago, get Halatali, everyone else (think it was CNJ, THM and ARCH ) is around the dungeon level and since I don't like DF'ing alone with a tank I want to get most of it and ask if full run is kay with them.

Oh boooy...the amount of gratitude I was met with just for doing the full run nearly blew my mind - I said to tell me if I miss some mobs and the CNJ was like 'its so nice to see nice tanks again' or stuff like that and the ARCH who thanked me already was like 'really Yuen tank you so much for this'

Just before the last boss I finally checked the gear of my mates and our THM had pretty bad gear, some lvl 1 stuf and told them they should upgrade after the run and he went like 'shhhh..!' and we had a pretty good laugh teasing him about it. As one of them said he looked more like a peasant villager who tries to survive with the adevnturers than a THM x'D

At the end someone went 'Full Commendations on Yuen' and 'Hope to play with you later' I checked right aftrewards to add them but sadly none of them was on my server :/

Anyhow! I was happy I could help them and the amount of gratitude was overwhelming for a simple halatali run - tanking can be SO rewarding with the right ppl

A big thank you to the lvl 44 Bard who stayed with us for the silly brayfolx run in which the three of us (me as 34 DRK, my bf as 55 WHM and a mate as FFXIV Power leveling) wanted to check if u can clear it with a lvl 1 weapon and starter gear (exculding the accesoires)
We learned no u can't but we made it work with me in my full gear and some piety stuff for the whm
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