Madden NFL 18 Expanded Scope Of Football Playing

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Madden NFL 18 Expanded Scope Of Football Playing

Postby madden » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:49 am

Ignite's time seems to pass. To the start of PS4 and One as the new graphics and physics engine for the EA Sports titles introduced, after FIFA now also the Madden series on Frostbite of Dice converted. But it is not only here that the successful footballers are oriented. After witnessing last year how the talent Alex Hunter in the Premier League rises, one now the quarterback Devin Wade on his way to the NFL. Whether there are other changes next to the scenery and the new mode, we will testify.


What is right for the FIFA counterparts is that American footballers can only be cheap: Alex Hunter's passion for the British Premier League was not the first narrative-motivated career at sports games (just think of the 2Ks NBA series), but still a welcome change in the otherwise stagnating kicker everyday. And the story mode was well received by the fans across the board. Accordingly, this year, the Madden series follows, which with its premiere in 1988 on the PC or the console release 1990 on the MegaDrive probably the longest-lived sports game series should represent not only for EA, but also in general. However, if you were able to spend a lot of time on the pitch at FIFA, in order to either train in Minspielen or have to prove yourself under competition conditions, you have a maximum of one in the approximately five to six hours lasting the "Longshot" story Quarter of time on the field.

The rest of the time is devoted to pursuing an underdog story, which is typical of the paper, but still interesting. This is where the engine change from Ignite to Frostbite is very positive: What the virtual performers show for a large part of the time of convincing mimicry is impressive. Of course it helps to ensure that all relevant scenes have been recorded and digitally edited with real actors in motion capture suits as well as with appropriately marked faces. Above all J.R. Lemon in the lead role as Quaterback Devin Wade and Scott Porter as his longtime best friend and preferred passport recipient Colt Cruise (aka "Cruise Missile") are positive. But the sleazy television producer Ross Fountain (played by Ricky Wayne), Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as Devins father Cutter Wade or Rus Blackwell as formerly failed NFL coach Jack Ford deliver like at least all other performers at least a good, but usually very good performance from. Adrian Todd Zuniga and Michael Young (the latter is also the director) have written an exciting and often emotional script, which is brought to life by the actors convincingly.

Disturbing Little Things

It is a pity that from the screen shot through the digitization scattering losses can be observed in some areas of the facial expressions, such as the slightly exaggerated eye movements, which are always reminiscent of Joes Pescis Leo Getz (Lethal Weapon Series). NFL coaches / commentators such as Pat Kirwin and Jim Miller also make sure that a break with the otherwise coherent backdrop is achieved. The script can also convince you over many parts. While there is no ruthless billing as in "Any Given Sunday" by Oliver Stone or "The Fast Money" (Two for the Money), both by the way with Al Pacino. And with regard to the emotions generated by the audience, one must undoubtedly be defeated by the Sandra Bullock film "The Great Chance" (Blindside). But with the five-year-old Devin Wade miserably failed in a final, who fights in the reality TV show "Longshot" with other quarterbacks about being included in the NFL-Draft, one creates an interesting foundation on which the Characters. In many places, you have the possibility to influence the dialogues over a long period of time, essentially following the "David Cage principle": the beginning and the end of a scene are predetermined, but the path from A to B can be through the player to be influenced.

But even if it does not influence the well timed dramaturgy, some responses and decisions on the playing field have an impact on the reports of the scouts as well as Devins so called Football-IQ. However, it has to be stressed that, compared to other story careers like FIFA or NBA, you spend comparatively little time on the court with training or game-critical situations. It is not until the end of the show that this share is dramatically shifted, but up until then one witnesses an emotional and often moving friendship between Devin and Cole, which is consistently framed by a successful original soundtrack as well as well-received license songs Country as well as Southern Rock. Between self-doubt, feelings of guilt and escape from responsibility one gets against the background of the American Football as well as with cool cameo appearances. of Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino is a cleverly constructed underdog story, which Sylvester Stallones Rocky not only cites but also imitates. I have had more fun here and was more carried away than with some of the last Telltale adventures. It is a pity, however, that some play situations are actually only to be solved without alternatives. Say: There are a handful of moments in which a failure causes you to start another attempt and there is no dramaturgical Plan B. In this way, the kinorefe impression, which is adjusted, is always slightly devalued.

Customized Quality, Expanded Scope

Not only in the facial expression in "Longshot", but also in the representation of the tactical spectacle American Football on the field is the engine change noticeable. Although Ignite has done a good to very good job in the last few years, Dice's all-rounder engine seems to be more effective in many details from the start: the mimicry of the players is convincing (insofar as it is not hidden by a helmash mask) ). The stomped stadiums look good and do not flicker particularly as yet to Ignite beginnings. The viewers also leave a better impression than before, but there is still a gap to the basketball and baseball colleagues from the 2K and Sony Studios.

And on the pitch it remains with supple animations and cracking tackles, which are done physically correct - mostly at least. Already Ignite had always problems here. And Frostbite also occasionally loses the relation to any physical reality within the context of the speed, which is slightly decelerated or slower in any case. Never interfere with the course of the game or have a lasting effect on the game. But when the two players are stuck on knees or elbows when they get up after a collision, this is not only unintentionally funny, but also rips from the otherwise well-organized football spectacle, which also benefits from cool slow-down players and television cameras. Even more so when you choose the three available realism settings for "Arcade". There are fewer penalties, generally more chances to score points and spectacular maneuvers. Simulation corresponds to the mechanical and AI settings of recent years. "Competitive", in turn, reduces injuries and accidental events, so that the ability to quarterback on the pad and its playfulness is becoming increasingly important.

Not Much New

Madden NFL 18's focus on the new engine and "Longshot" is evident in the mode environment and improvements in attack or defense. Although more chic than ever before, you are looking for new game possibilities mostly in vain - which is however somewhat limited by the slightly reduced game speed, since you have to get used to as an experienced Madden player once. But after years of franchising, a new stick-based tackling system, strengthening the defensive or offensive AI, or improving the Ultimate Team, such as, for example, the highly motivating draft mode, this year is largely stagnating. With the Ultimate Team (MUT), there are a whole lot of new challenges as well as a level system that gives you access to specific options or modes.

But in the franchise, with the skills coach or the draft, long-standing Madden players should not expect surprises. After all, the MUT challenges also include an area that is tailored to the continuation of the career of Devin Wade. And with "MUT Squads" you now have the opportunity to compete against 3-versus-3 games with your Ultimate Teams. In doing so, a player takes control of the defensive and one on the offensive, while the head coach keeps track of the time, stadium as well as uniforms. As a head coach, you feel like the fifth wheel on the car now and then, because the possibilities of intervention are restricted. But if you win as a team, the joy is still great - and watching and discussing with the coach colleagues is always exciting.

Well-known Quality

And with the opportunity not only to sell their cards, but also to use them to reinforce players, one has an additional incentive to go on the hunt. If one has overcome the disappointment that it is off the adjusted speed or physics and (finally, one would say) the improved AI, whose Schnitzer frequency went down pleasantly, the motivation is the same level as in the past years - especially if the versions of the last two years have been omitted. The franchise mode with its scalable depth is as demanding as one is accustomed to. And the motivation team in the Ultimate Team, with their constant cycle of new cards, improves the team, thereby increasing the chances of victory and the resulting better new cards on high speed. In this regard, however, vermouth drops are still the possible microtransactions, which, similar to the same-named mode in FIFA, make sure that you buy more (and above all better) card packs for real money.

For the qualities that the series have distinguished in recent years, of course, are still available. You have a wide range of games to choose from, which can also be manually scourged, if one does not like the dynamic suggestions. The control is punctual, the collision check gives occasion for the action only with occasional Clippings of players and ground and rare body part overlaps after play-end. The comments and analyzes are usually accurate. The collisions on the field are crisp. Everything is as expected from the long-term success story - except for the still weak half-time analyzes. This, however, also leaves the impression that the Tiburon Studio does not tear out a leg. Why? The only significant competition is the previous year's versions...

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