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SHEET ANCHOR, EAST CANJE – Balchand Anantram of Lot 72 Sheet Anchor, East Canje,Cheap NFL Jerseys, is not pleased with the actions of members of the Guyana Police Force.On Saturday, Mr. Anantram explained that he has not been compensated for an accident involving a senior police officer, who damaged the fence of his property and an outboard engine.The damaged house of Balchand Annatram On May 23rd,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Commandant of the Felix Austin Police College, Division ‘B’ Deputy Superintendent, Ian Amsterdam, reportedly slammed into a bus shed at Sheet Anchor, just in front of Balchand Annatram’s home.After knocking the structure off three of its legs, the vehicle then plunged through the front fence of Anantram’s home, and passed through his side fence.The man explained that a team of ranks visited him once after the incident, but never returned to update him on the situation. He said that he visited the Central Police Station two weeks ago and spoke to the second in command of the Division,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, but still nothing has been done, “Nobody ever come back. The next day after the accident,Wholesale China Jerseys, some big ones (senior ranks) came and take statement, like how much things damage and so. They say they gwine get on to me later and onto now nobody never get onto we. The man who crash in me fence, come with the big ones and he tell me he swerve from a jackass.”Mr. Anantram said he is not prepared to sweep the matter under the carpet, “I want to know what happening. I waiting on them to fix my fence. Me yard unprotected. I want back me zinc sheets and fence, me cannot go buy zinc sheet and so, I am a poor man, I have nine children to maintain. If me was a rich man me wouldn’t deh working with people, so let them fix me things. All hours of the night I got to be away from home because I wukking.”The father of nine said he is a part time fisherman and also a pump operator for the Region Six Democratic Council, “Is an outboard engine mash up me fence at two sides, and engine parts. Me used to sell greens (vegetables) but we stop and the shop now using fuh store the engine and parts. The engine bruk up now.”Mr. Anantram said that he also fears for the safety of his children, since his home is situated on a busy thoroughfare leading to the Canje Bridge, “My youngest child just one year, the others, all of them actually one size – two, five,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, six, seven, eight,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, 12, 13 and 14 years old and it ain’t safe for them.”On the night of the incident, Mr. Anantram was awakened from his slumber just about mid-night, “Me open the window and peep out, I see the bus shed fall down. Me wife say, ‘Look the car in the yard!’ But by the time I speed over and open the door, the car done deh on the road. It done come out of the yard. When we come down, we see all this damage.”Back in May, the Commander of Division ‘B’ Assistant Commission, George Alexander Vyphuis, had said that the officer swerved from a donkey.Another source had indicated that the senior officer was proceeding east along the Sheet Anchor Public Road, when he encountered the animal. He pulled over to the south to avoid colliding with the donkey and instead struck a utility pole, lost control of the vehicle and ran into the bus shed before passing through the yard.The bus shed, which was a community project, was constructed through the compliments of General Contractor, Nandram Persaud in May 2007.Yesterday Sunday, Commandant of the Felix Austin Police College Division ‘B’ Deputy Superintendent, Ian Amsterdam said he dispatched ranks to the scene to do an estimate just after the incident, but Balchand Anantram was not co-operative, “He refused, saying that I would have to compensate him in the end. He said he would do the repairs and I would have to compensate him. He conveyed to the ranks orally that it would cost in excess of $100,000 to repair the fence. He claimed that some engine was damaged that turned out to be a big lie. That’s all I could say for now. The matter is being investigated and we will know where we are going from there.”A source also indicated that the file is to be sent to the DPP’s office for advice.
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