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Creation of a computerized Mathematics programme to engage secondary school students from Forms One to Five is in the pipeline. This is part of the Ministry’s programme to expand e-learning in the education system.Education Minister, Priya Manickchand at a recent press conference said that the Ministry is having discussions with overseas partners to create a secondary school’s Mathematics programme similar to the Success Maker programme being used by at least 80 percent of primary schools locally.“We have something called the Success Maker,Wholesale Jerseys Online, which is a computer programme that teaches. You ask questions and you have multiple choices. It teaches you the way to go through for example a long division and then it asks you questions and if you can’t pass a certain level you can’t go on to the next level,” Manickchand said.She explained that by utilizing the programme, students will be tasked with completing exercises on the computer thus adding to the ‘talk and chalk’, which is probably becoming a little mundane in today’s world where everything is digitalized.Another avenue being examined to capture students’ interests in Mathematics and Science through technology is the introduction of e-learning via cellular phones.Manickchand emphasized that recently Chief Education Officer,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Olato Sam,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, and Guyana’s Honorary Consul to South Africa,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Kojo Parris,Cheap Jerseys USA, were on television discussing the introduction of teaching Mathematics and Science using questions and games via cellular phones.According to Sam, other efforts such as placing computers in secondary schools and training teachers in Information Communications and Technology (ICT) are being utilized by the Ministry.He noted that the Ministry’s programme of equipping secondary schools with computer laboratories is in its final phase. Training teachers in ICT complements this computerization initiative.“Our ITC project started with the training of teachers in the basic ICT skills with a plan of action that is part of a broader UNESCO project to move them right through the knowledge deepening stage where they can create online courses for students. That is where we plan to take all of our teachers within the system over the next few years,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” Sam said.
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