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Authorities of the Demerara Harbour Bridge yesterday recovered four winches that were stolen with a pontoon from the facility a week ago. The recovery of the winches occurred a day after searchers found the multi-million-dollar pontoon stashed miles up the Mahaica Creek.The winches were discovered dumped on a deserted section of the Mahaica Old Road, near Bygeval, early yesterday morning, several kilometres from where the pontoon was found.The four winches were dumped on the Mahaica Old RoadUsing torches, the thieves cut off the winches and from all indications, they abandoned them to avoid capture while they were transporting it to a safe location.This newspaper had received a call from a Mahaica resident who informed that the winches were dumped in the village. The resident said that he was forced to stop persons from removing the equipment worth $2M from where it was dumped.When this newspaper arrived the equipment was found wrapped in a piece of tarpaulin.The police were subsequently informed,Cheap World Cup Jerseys, and they in turn contacted the Harbour Bridge officials.On Monday, last,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys, the bridge corporation’s General Manager,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Rawlston Adams, told this newspaper that the pontoon, which is believed to be worth some $30M, was found “abandoned” several kilometres up the Mahaica Creek.Over the weekend, it was revealed that three staffers were detained after the pontoon,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, used mainly for maintenance works on the bridge, went missing.However, according to Adams, the employees were released yesterday.It is believed that the vessel may have disappeared between last week Wednesday and Thursday evening. It was discovered missing early Friday, hours before major works were scheduled to start to replace sections of the retractor span.Following the discovery, reports were made to the police and Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn.It is not clear how the pontoon was removed from the harbour bridge, towed all the way into the Atlantic Ocean,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, and through the Mahaica Creek, without being noticed.It is believed that a tug may have been used to steal the pontoon,Nike Shox Gravity Black, a theory that remained puzzling for the police and the bridge authorities since the area where it was secured is a busy one.Adams said he has no idea who was responsible, but the police are investigating.“Right now, we don’t know who took it. The police are still investigating the case.”Kaieteur News was told over the weekend that the authorities have the name of a city businessman, linked to the auto sales sector, and who may have advanced over $1.5M for it to be secretly removed and taken to the Mahaica Creek area.
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