"Mum and I"

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"Mum and I"

Postby tom » Thu May 17, 2018 3:17 am

Jose Mourinho, the trainer "The Wreck Day" of the "Red Devils" Manchester. United admire Calum. Chambersburg and Cosenza. Mafrio Pazos, the defender behind the center-back of Arsenal's "cannon".

The last trip to visit Old Arsene's track Wenger as Gunners Arsenal ended in Marbury. Fellini in injury time.

Paul Pablo hit the lead in the first half before Henrik Mascot will be rallying for Arsenal to become the first player to shoot for United and return to the old club in the same season.

Mourinho feels that his team deserves a win, but admits Arsenal's youthful defenders Chambers and Rafael Borussia.

"If it always is, it's not fair," Mourinho said.

"They have a great game. There is no pressure for them. "

"But we demonstrate the ability and quality. They play games well. The young defender is very good. "

"Of course we are the team that is trying to win, so there is a little more chance. That's normal. They have a great game. We are lucky รับ พนัน บอล
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