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China Jerseys Female Surgical Ward

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– neighbour dealt her several blows during argument over passagewayDiana Bowen, of Lot 11 Henry Street, Werk-en-Rust, is currently hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Female Surgical Ward, after being badly beaten by her neighbour.She was involved in an argument over ownership of a mutual passageway.The woman told Kaieteur News that the lot in question is shared among three owners,Discount NFL Jerseys, meaning that three different families erected houses on the land. However, they share the small passageway.Diana Bowen, at the Female Surgical Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, after being beaten up by her neighbour due to property issues.She explained that two years ago she purchased the piece of property and began building the type of house she desired. But she got a warning from the previous owners that the neighbour at the back would often initiate quarrels for ownership of the land.She disregarded this, thinking that she would not share the same fate as those who sold her the property. She was sadly disappointed after the neighbour whom she identified as Albert Pear a.k.a. “Chach” began insulting and cursing her about the passageway which they were forced to share.This newspaper understands that Bowen eventually called in the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) as an arbiter. The M&CC explained to both parties which part of the area belonged to whom.The passageway was free to be utilised by both parties which meant that no individual could legally claim it.After a short while Bowen noticed that Pear placed some carpentry equipment and materials, which he would usually rent to persons, in the middle of the passageway with the intention of obstructing Bowen from freely entering and exiting her home.She stated that Pear even went to the extent of placing a bench and sitting on it in the middle of the passageway to “cause a problem”.Kaieteur News was made to understand that on March 16,NHL Jerseys From China, last, around 10:00 am, Bowen had workmen conducting renovations on her house, when the heavy rainfall caused the water to rise and flood the passageway and enter her house through the door.The workmen decided to place some sand in the passageway to assist in blocking off the water,China NFL Jerseys, but this too posed as a problem for Pear, as he came out on his bicycle to the spot and began to pick a fight.The workmen removed the sand from the area to prevent further problems yet Pear questioned the worker about what the man was doing.He was told “We raising the passage, but not now. When we do it you will get notice”.This publication understands that an argument broke out and Pear began pointing his hands in Bowen’s face.She reportedly  told him, “Take your hands out of my face”.The woman stated that she saw him “put his hand down” and before a few seconds could pass by, she received a cuff to her left side face.He allegedly dealt her another cuff and she slowly began to sink to the ground.He then “took his foot and stomped” on her chest, and then took his foot and stomped her face,Cheap NFL Jerseys, breaking two of her teeth.By this time, one of the workmen rushed to her aid,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, and Bowen grasped the man’s hand for some support. Another worker was trying to hold Pear but he slipped out of the man’s hold and rushed once again to Bowen.Before he could be restrained once more,Wholesale China Jerseys, Pear managed to deal Bowen four more cuffs to her face, hitting her left eye as well.She said that she was in and out of consciousness and vaguely remembers being taken to the Brickdam Police Station by one of the workmen and then taken to the GPHC where she was admitted.Bowen said, “I collapsed on the same day at the hospital and didn’t wake up in the hospital bed until the next day (Wednesday). I also hear that he (Pear) is in police custody but I don’t know where.”
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