Cheap NFL Football Jerseys who was unrepresented

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Cheap NFL Football Jerseys who was unrepresented

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A 70-year-old man who was convicted in the magistrate’s court for beating his wife,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, and sentenced to four months in jail, had his sentence cut in half by the full court on appeal. He will now have to serve two months.Plano Alli of Number Four village,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, West Coast Berbice,Jerseys NFL Cheap, was living in a common law relationship with Salima Hoosain.  The man was accused of cuffing the woman and pushing her down a flight of stairs causing her to receive injuries about her body.  The matter was reported and Allie was arrested and charged.The matter was tried before Magistrate Rhondell Weaver in the Blairmont Magistrate’s court. Alli,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, who was unrepresented, was convicted and sentenced to four months in jail. He subsequently appealed his conviction through attorney at law Horatio Edmonson.The matter was heard in the full court which was made up of Chief Justice (ag) Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Justice Franklyn Holder.Attorney Edmonson argued that during the trial his client was unrepresented and did not have a full understanding of what was going on. He also told the court that his client worked at the Blairmont Estate for over 40 years and has never been in involved with the law.  He has since moved on with his life and is not a threat to the woman.The lawyer also told the court that the sentence was excessive and asked the judges to set it aside. He asked whether a fine could be instituted instead or a suspended sentence taking into account his client’s character,Cheap Jerseys, age, and that he wasn’t represented during the trial in the lower court.  However after perusing the evidence and listening to the arguments of the counsel, the judges reduced the sentence to two months.Alli,Wholesale Jerseys, who was out on bail pending the decision, was immediately taken into custody by the police and returned to jail.
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