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Postby pjqhr230 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:46 am

“I just wish he would disappear,” said President of the University of Guyana Workers Union (UGWU),Cheap China Jerseys, Mr Bruce Haynes, of Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG), Professor Jacob Opadeyi.UG Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob OpadeyiThis Vice Chancellor treats things in a very flippant way. If he would go home now we would be glad because things have not progressed in terms of how we think they should have,Cheap Jerseys From China,” he continued.Haynes who was at the time expressing disgust over what he has termed “lack of concern” demonstrated by the Vice Chancellor added that “he keeps everything to himself. We don’t even know what the University would have earned over the last few years, how many students have paid cash, how many students’ monies would have come through the Loan Agency, we don’t know anything like that…”His remarks were fuelled by disclosures by the Vice Chancellor that the possibility of a higher than 10 per cent increase for workers may not be feasible. This is despite revealing to this publication that financial support amounting to some $800 million will be forthcoming from Government to the University to help offset its deficit.But while the Vice Chancellor has shared this development with this publication, Haynes insisted that he has left the Unions and by extension the workers in the cold. “He hasn’t even given us this information, so it’s him and him alone, and whomever else he might have shared it with, who know these things…he is not being very truthful.”According to Haynes, the Vice Chancellor owes it to the Unions to share the University’s situation and “let us decide if we are going to stick with a 10 per cent, or a five per cent or a seven or eight per cent; we need toUGWU President,Mr Bruce Haynesknow what the position is and let us decide…he hasn’t done that and that is not negotiation.”“He is dictating to us…I would say to him just put it out there ‘I can’t do this or I can’t do that’…” outlined an evidently upset Haynes who went on to point out that since the resumption of negotiations the University has not put a counter offer on the table.After a five-week long strike action, workers a few weeks ago resumed work with a promise of a 10 per cent interim increase pending the outcome of continued negotiations.“We are trying as much as we possibly can, not to nit-pick literally about everything…students are getting short-changed,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, we are getting short-changed,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, but the Administration of the University has not been short-changed in anyway…none of them have lost anything…” said Haynes as he noted that “going on strike is not an easy thing.”Haynes disclosed that yet another negotiating meeting is slated for next week Tuesday. He however, expressed concern at the level of talks that have been had since the industrial action was called off.“What we have recognised is that everything literally starts and stops with the Vice Chancellor. Once he is not basically around there is not much traction and he is not around..he is gone again,” said Haynes.But Professor Opadeyi intimated to this publication that although he may not be able to attend all meetings, there are other members who attend the meetings. He also pointed out that he is not the Chairman of the University’s Negotiating Team but rather merely a member.However,NFL Jerseys Cheap, in making reference to the two appointed Deputy Vice Chancellors of the tertiary institution, Haynes asserted that “they are just manning the ship but they are not controlling anything that happens in the ship. So we really don’t know anything even if you question them you are not going to get a definite answer on any front unless it is ratified by the Vice Chancellor. They (the DVCs) have responsibilities without authority; the buck stops at the Vice Chancellor,” added Haynes.According to him, the workers had decided to return to work on the basis of an interim agreement coupled with the fact that it had become evident that “students were strung out.” But Haynes is convinced that “the students have been able to accept half measures because they want to come back here (UG) and they want to complete,NHL Jerseys From China, but those half measures still cannot be at the level that we desire…In some respects they (students) have given up; so he can string them out for a whole year and still not accomplish everything he might have said to them.”
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