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A police sergeant and three ranks from the Port Kaituma Police Station are among those arrested following Friday’s gold heist that was reportedly staged by the general manager employed by a local gold buyer.This man had the gold in his Berbice home.(INews photo)Police have evidence that appears to implicate the sergeant of police and the ranks in the ‘robbery’.Yesterday, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said that the general manager had been given money by owner of El Dorado Trading Company, the largest buyer of gold in the North West.He said that the general manager misappropriated some of the money then staged the robbery to cover his dishonesty.By yesterday, the police had recovered the 90 ounces of gold.The police have also recovered about $17M in cash.A source close to the investigation revealed that surveillance cameras in the area recorded a uniformed policeman escorting one of the bandits.Investigators reportedly also have surveillance footage of two of the suspects, who are from Berbice, hanging out at various Port Kaituma night spots two days before the ‘robbery’.Officials from the company were in high praise of the ranks from Police Headquarters, Eve Leary. One of the officials said that the case would not have been solved and the booty would not have been recovered, had the Eve Leary team not been involved in the investigation.The Crime Chief said that cooperation between members of the community and the police led to the recovery of the gold and the money.He said that the crime had occurred hours before the intervention of the police but that did not deter the ranks from recovering everything.This crime could have led to more attacks on others in the gold and diamond industry, one of the people said.According to reports, investigators have confirmed that the general manager gave the police sergeant over $500,000 which belonged to his employers.The manager reportedly claimed that the money was loaned to the sergeant. However, investigators suspect that the cash was given to the police rank as an incentive to thwart investigations into the ‘heist.’Crime Chief Persaud said that five persons, including three policemen,Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys, were in custody yesterday morning.The heist reportedly took place on Friday at Port Kaituma in the North West District. The mastermind was the general manager of the mining company.The gold thieves including the mastermind, centre (INews photo)According to reports reaching this newspaper, the employee was entrusted by the gold buyer to conduct his business in the gold mining area of the North West District.However, the employee betrayed the trust by first converting some of the money he was given to his own use.So he then had to find a way to recover it and in order to do so, he hatched a plan.According to a source, he arranged with a well known convict called “Roland” from Blairmont, Berbice, to carry out his plan which was to stage an attack on the camp where the general manager and other workers were staying at Port Kaituma and steal the gold.The source said that the convict hired his crew, including a boatman, to transport him to Port Kaituma through the Pomeroon River.It is alleged that the mastermind somehow managed to administer sleeping tablets to his colleagues in the camp to facilitate the heist so that when “Roland” and his crew turned up it was easy pickings for them.They proceeded to tie up the employees who by then were very groggy; they even lashed one of them in his head and also tied up the mastermind to make the “robbery” look legit.After this was done, they emptied a safe containing the cash and raw gold before making good their escape to Charity on the Essequibo Coast.However, about five minutes from their destination, the boat captain demanded his share of the loot and after collecting it he transferred “Roland” and his crew to another boat for them to continue their journey.They did not get too far, for by this time the police at Port Kaituma had been informed about the heist and had begun some intense investigations there.Kaieteur News understands that during their investigations, the mastermind of the whole scheme cracked under pressure.He reportedly confessed to planning the heist and gave detectives a detailed account of the plot, including the names of all the players involved.
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