Soccer have many different jerseys for folks

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Soccer have many different jerseys for folks

Postby heayken12 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:47 am

Soccer have many different jerseys for folks

These days you can see that soccer has become actually well-liked in the entire world, and you may uncover it extremely hard to uncover a person who will not like this sport. There are a lot of different athletics like basketball, soccer, and soccer that have different Cheap Football Jerseys, all worn by a lot of diverse varieties of folks. Later in 1996 these were changed to darkish blue and orange colored cheap Jerseys china. Properly, there could be ones, but not all of them do the same.
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Second, Maintenance

Postby concretemixer » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:31 am

<strong>Second, Maintenance</strong>
<p>1, reducer and electric drum performed in the instructions for use of the corresponding provisions.
2? Blender, aggregate belt conveyor, belt feeding machine, before the application of each of the bearings and screw conveyor batching machine every boot grease gun to the oil lubrication cup, open inspection every 200 hours of operation, replace The new grease.
3, the mixer gear should smear a little butter before starting the day.
4, the chain plus a small amount of grease-coated every 300 hours of work cleaning the chain once every week opened once the respective drive chain cover.
5, weekly cleaning each belt and the belt tensioning screw feeder once, and apply new grease.
6, a stirrer poor working conditions, js500 500l twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer when the slurry leaves worn to 2/3 of the original area of ​​less should be replaced leaf pulp.
7, after the end of each shift mixing material storage bin in the material discharge clean, clean or remove the device materials are adhered throughout to avoid hardening bonding material, affect the normal use of the device. Cut off the power, open the agitator cover; check with stirring fastening arm and leaf pulp, found loose nuts should be tightened immediately, in order to avoid accidents caused by falling leaf pulp.
8, electric drum reducer or leakage occurs, must be promptly replaced gaskets or seals, to ensure their adequate amount of oil.
9, the cover plate on the rear cylinder mixer damaged to be repaired in order to avoid material flying out of wounding.</p>
<strong>Third, the maintenance of electrical equipment parts</strong>
    <p> Electrical equipment through regular maintenance will reduce the occurrence of failure can discover hidden to prevent failure of the expansion, electrical control cabinet electrical equipment daily maintenance objects typically include contactors, electrical wiring, relays and protective devices.
(1), dust and oil easily into the motor cause electrical insulation resistance is reduced, the contact is bad, the deterioration of the electrical control cabinet and electrical lines radiating ground or even cause a short circuit condition, angle bending machine for making 90 degree steel pipes with particular attention to remove iron and the like have conductive dust Therefore, you should always clean electrical cabinet dust and grease.
(2), should pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of electrical contacts inside is damaged, electrical relays and all terminals for loose wiring is off, all kinds of electrical components and wires Check the electrical cabinet or whether there is oiled phenomenon insulation damage, if the above phenomenon make the necessary treatment.
(3) In order to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment each protective device, automatic air setpoint is not allowed to freely change the switch during maintenance, thermal relays must be required option can not be too large or too small.
(4) to strengthen the high-temperature cold rainy season and other electrical equipment maintenance checks.
(5) regular small motor repair and the repair inspection
(6), pay attention to check the electrical good quality round tube profile bending machinery equipment must be reliable ground or zero, pay attention to safety.
(7), when the device is routine maintenance or repairs to cut off the mains cabinet and pulled out the keys on the key switch and hang out warning signs, so as to avoid misuse and cause personal injury or equipment damage.</p>
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Concrete mixer truck

Postby concretemixer » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:35 am

<strong>Concrete mixer truck</strong>
<p>0-40 L; keeping concrete tank at the time of the return of the vehicle forward slowly rotating;
e. Remember to let go before the next charging concrete sewage in the tank;
f. Thoroughly cleaning the surrounding concrete finishing ktsl 4000 spiral type twin shaft concrete mixer work each day and expected out of the tank, to ensure that non-stick cement and concrete caking.
These work as long as one does not seriously, it will bring a lot of trouble for future work.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixer truck sales maintenance</strong>
<p>A: reasonably determine the protection period. Automotive protection cycle is protected from the car mileage or time. Owners in the practical application process, should refer automobile factory referrals protection period, contact the car situation and use their skills premise of the protection period is properly adjusted. Generally speaking, the new car at an excellent premise application traffic without protection too often, in order to protect the rule as an upper limit cycle manufacturers can; and automotive skills situation worse, or use bad premise, protection should be appropriate to shorten the cycle.
Two: full use of free testing. Concrete mixer manufacturer expand free testing exercise on the length often beneficial owners, the owner can apply these to detect motion like cars specifically for medical, real-time to identify and eliminate stock wholesale open height 480 mm cnc steel bending machine some of the potential problems, and then eliminating the future is able to render high maintenance protection costs.
Three: less crash repair assembly as possible. Many concrete mixer master have this feeling, like a car crash repair after assembly rampant tidy, premature entry into service of the vehicle. This scene showing the assembly of skills and quality parts, etc. The primary reasons touched repair workers. Therefore, it is best to prevent the collapse of the maintenance cartridge, advanced skills in all kinds of protective equipment and tactics, to avoid demolition car protected to prevent to the car assembly and parts to be formed without damage, improve the quality of protection and reduce maintenance Total cost.</p>
<strong>Drive means</strong>
<p>The driving means is driven to rotate concrete tank, which consists of power take off, cardan shaft, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves, hydraulic tank and cooling device. If this section due to failure to stop working, concrete tank will not rotate, which causes the car scrap concrete, serious and even cause the entire tank of concrete condensation in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck scrapped. Therefore, whether the drive is in use must be highly reliable and important issue. To ensure that the drive sound and reliable maintenance work should do the following:
a. Universal rotating part is failure-prone parts when lubrication should be, and frequently check the wear, timely repair, replacement. The team should alternate universal shaft assembly, in order to ensure the event of failure to resume work in a few of minutes.
b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. Concrete mixing truck harsh working environment, it must prevent water and sediment from entering the hydraulic system. Manual hydraulic oil according to require periodic replacement. Once the inspection found that the hydraulic oil mixed with water or sand, wash the hydraulic system must be shut down immediately, replace the hydraulic oil.
c. Ensure effective hydraulic oil cooling system. 2000l large capacity twin shaft concrete mixer To regularly clean up the hydraulic oil cooler, to avoid clogging the radiator cement, checking electric radiator fan is functioning properly, prevent the hydraulic oil temperature exceeded. Hydraulic part as long as the hydraulic oil clean, the general failure is small; but produced by different manufacturers, life is not the same.</p>
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Concrete mixing station Common Faults and exclusion method

Postby concretemixer » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:05 am

<strong>Concrete mixing station Common Faults and exclusion method (b)</strong>
<p>Belt deviation Symptom: Conveyor belt during no-load or load operation, appear to the side of the deviation or run for a while to the left and the right one will run phenomenon, caused by leakage of material, equipment, non-normal wear and damage, reduced productivity, and It will affect the normal operation of the entire device
Analysis: Tape suffered external forces in zhirui mini automatic jzc350 concrete mixer
the tape width direction is not zero or perpendicular to the tensile stress on the tape width direction caused by uneven. Due to many factors led to the belt run, it should conveyor design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance and other areas to tackle the tape deviation, such as the tightness of the tape on both sides is not the same level of tape on both sides is not Like, roller brackets and other means is not perpendicular to the direction of the cross section of the tape will cause mounting upper belt deviation.
(1) adjusting the tension Institutions Act
Tape is running, if both deviation to the same side in a no-load and overload conditions, indicating the tightness of the tape on both sides is not the same, the appropriate tightening of the tensioning device in the opposite direction; if the tape wandering around with no fixed direction , then the tape slack tensioning mechanism should be adjusted.
(2) Adjust the roll method
If the belt run at the drum, the drum installation instructions owe level, axial movement of the drum, or the front end of the drum end in the post. In this case, the correction level degree and parallel degree drum.
(3) Adjust the roller bracket (or rack) Act
If the total deviation to the side of the tape at no load, yhzs50 mobile concrete batching plant for saleit should run the laterality of the roller bracket advancing along the tape running direction 1-2cm, or the other side of the roller holder (or frame) as appropriate heightening .
(4) Clear sticky law
If the roller, sticky roller on local materials, will make the department's diameter increases, leading to where the tape tension increases, resulting in the deviation. Adhesion material should be cleared up. (5) If the tape does not adjust gravimetric deviation at no load, while overloading total deviation to the side, indicating that the tape has emerged partial load. Receiving hopper should be adjusted or the position of the belt conveyor for the tape are set out, in order to prevent deviation.
(6) Adjust Tape Act
If the tape edges badly worn or tape seams parallel sides will pull tape is inconsistent. Should be re-trim or replace tape.
(7) The installation of offset roller method
If you install several groups of self-aligning roller (flat roll or grooved rollers) on the conveyor, that is able to automatically correct the deviation phenomenon tape. For example: When the belt run friction with one side of the small block roller appears, should make the forward side of the bracket along the running direction of the tape, the other side of that is moving relatively backward, this time the tape will be moved toward the block moving roller side until the return to normal position.
(8) Install the stopper roller method
If the tape total deviation to the side, can be mounted on a rack laterality run limit vertical roll; so, on the one hand allows the tape to force forced reset, on the other hand vertical roller can reduce run laterality tape tension, so move to the other side of the tape.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station Common Faults and exclusion method (c)</strong>
<p>Aggregate feed door card stock
Symptom: batching station pebble stones feed pneumatic door was jammed open.
Analysis: pneumatic dosing station has a large gap zhenghao jzr350 drum diesel concrete mixerbetween the door and the door a small gap door, large gaps door the gap is greater than the general gravel particle size, and thus will not appear card stock. Small gaps door the gap is generally 5 ~ 10mm, 10mm or less when stones card into the gap, it is difficult to pneumatic door stuck. Batching station after a period of time, aggregate spout wear, when the gap when worn to 20 ~ 30mm, then snaps into the larger stones into the gap in the door in the process, it is easy to get stuck stones (wedge force) </p>
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Concrete Mixing Plant Concrete Pumping Safety Precautions

Postby concretemixer » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:13 am

<strong>Concrete Mixing Plant Concrete Pumping Safety Precautions</strong>
<p>Concrete mixing station operations after the completion of the work will be carried out transportation, then, safety precautions Concrete Pumping concrete mixing station, what does?
First, they must enter the site during construction work wear helmets, hzs 75 yhzs75 mobile concrete batching plant always alert air falling objects, to prevent accidents. Secondly, concrete pump truck, concrete trailer pump must support pump on solid ground, the construction site must be carefully observed, to understand the situation only after the solid ground support pump. To cushion the skids when the good leg support pump, pump support during pit, near the slope, must be sufficient safe distance. Moreover, concrete pump during pumping operations, the operator (driver, pump station) always observe the change which pump ground, unusual to take decisive measures to halt the pumping operation, immediately before the job is folded back support arm pump ; concrete pump truck to the construction site must be observed within the operating range of wire and cable, the understanding of the line voltage, depending on the voltage, to ensure that if a minimum safe distance of less than the minimum safe distance before the job must require the site after a power failure; Transfer concrete drag pumps, construction site trailer pump concrete mixer truck driver Tuobeng maximum speed shall not exceed 8km / h. Finally, concrete mixing station pump station trailer tire pressure must be checked Tuobeng, legs insurance sales, guide wheel ground clearance, we must put a good trailer after hanging hook trailer hook insurance sales, and good safety bolt rope. Assists, directs the driver to reach the construction site safety.</p>
<strong>The new environmentally-friendly concrete mixing station has begun to implement it</strong>
<p>Recently, Anqing City Construction Committee Joint EPA to build a new green star environmentally friendly concrete mixing station. Municipal Construction Committee Joint Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on July 1 release city concrete mixing station environmental remediation work Implementation. Comments made in the implementation of clear requirements for concrete mixing station plant, equipment and facilities environment, zhenghao jzc350 electric concrete mixer prices production management and other aspects. Combined with "green ready-mixed concrete production and management of technological processes" (JGJ / T328-2014) to build a new green star environmentally friendly concrete mixing station, and control plants producing the standard period of 1h average concentration of total suspended particles of fugitive emissions, floor layer metering regulations stirring, stirring layer should not exceed 800μg / m3, yard aggregate should not exceed 600μg / m3, between the mixing plant operation between the office and living areas should not exceed 250μg / m3.
Concrete mixing station integrated environmental management work will be divided into three steps, the first step in accordance with provincial atmosphere Office, City Planning Commission, Completely Mopai concrete mixing station situation by the end of June 2015, to promote the work to develop the implementation of views; secondly instruct jurisdiction concrete mixing station remediation plan prepared in accordance with the relevant requirements, carried out renovation by five months, the implementation of remediation requirements; the third step by the end of December 2015 for completion of the regulation task of concrete yhzs mobile concrete batching plant mixing companies, by the company to apply for the lead department (downtown After the concrete mixing station environmental remediation of lead department Municipal Construction Committee) to apply for acceptance, by the lead department in conjunction with environmental protection departments of completion of the regulation task of concrete mixing station for environmental remediation and acceptance.</p>
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Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting

Postby concretemixer » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:15 am

<strong>Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting (IV)</strong>
<p>Rain belt slipping
Symptom: slip on rainy days, inclined belt with a load operation.
Analysis: Rainy Day, the aggregate of the water and the exposed parts of the belt is easy to damp, humid belt especially inner damp, reducing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the driving drum, the drum twisted torch passed to reduce used widely js500 fully automatic concrete mixer the belt, the moment conveyor belt material is less than the required torque, the belt on slipping.
Process: 1, increase the weight belt tensioner or belt tension adjustment screw, increase positive pressure between the belt and the drum, so as to achieve the frictional force between the drive roller and the belt.
2. Adjust the tension roller near the drive roller, increasing the belt on the driving drum wrap angle, increasing friction.
3, the drive roller bag layer cut straight groove, increasing the friction coefficient.
4. The first three methods can not, replace the slip rollers.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station Common Faults and exclusion method (e)</strong>
<p>Belt damage Symptom: After using an end time, the belt surface appear unglued, crack, scratch and so on.
Analysis: Metal Belt Cleaner, if not timely adjustment, easy to damage the belt, causing the belt surface of the rubber off. Cleaning is not installed properly, relatively sharp gravel stuck between the sweeper would damage the belt. china suppliers concrete batch plant on sale The belt itself, poor quality, but also prone to these defects.
Process: Once the belt unglued, cracks, scratches and other defects, should be promptly repaired. When the belt damage occurs, we must first solve the factors that cause belt damage, such as damage to the cleaner, you need to immediately adjust or replace the sweeper, then promptly repair the belt. Belt damage is very small, it can be used rubber belt repair site repair. When the belt surface is larger damage or partial damage to grave,
The straps cut off local damage, replace some belt, cement or pin reed. The belt damage not in time, when the damage spread to the whole of the belt, there is no repair value, only the entire replacement.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting (VI)</strong>
<p>Conveyor belt aggregate uneven
Symptom: Aggregate called to unload the material on the belt there is accumulation, causing the belt bulk, or on a belt conveyor aggregate vacancy caused pebbles bulk.
Analysis: Aggregate multiple dosing station to discharge the order and time interval of the belt can be freely adjusted at any time. General unloading sequence requirements for the final discharge of aggregate sand, discharge interval claim falls on the tail stationary concrete batching plant price strap to former aggregate exactly coincide with the latter aggregate fell on the head of the belt. Such as the time interval is too short, the former and the latter aggregate aggregate overlapping stacking, stacking will cause too much bulk materials, such as the time interval is too large, there are two kinds of aggregate intermediate space, the former If the material is gravel, then the belt roll and fall down.
1, the aggregate adjusted discharge order, ensure the sand for the last discharge.
2, according to the distribution of the belt aggregate adjustment of various aggregate discharge interval, ensure that the material on the belt continuous, evenly distributed. Interval normally takes several adjustments.......</p>
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Re: Soccer have many different jerseys for folks

Postby concretemixer » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:54 am

<p><strong>Product Description</strong>
To meet the high-speed railway with the concrete for special homogeneous and high performance, high strength requirements, the design department and construction units top three high-speed rail construction machinery and extensive contacts and cooperation, and on the basis of concrete mixing equipment, add new technology and improve the allocation, design of high-speed railway special high-performance concrete mixing station. The series is also ideal for city commercial concrete.</p>
<p><strong>mini mobile concrete batch plant for sale Technical features</strong>
    1, the use of twin-shaft compulsory mixer, with more mixing capacity, faster discharge rate can also be segmented open discharge, lower losses and energy consumption, more intense, uniform stirring effect quickly.
    2, to meet the mixing console in the secondary material round bar steel cutting machine for build requirements, will be superimposed metering aggregate batching station changed separately measured.
    3, mixing station transition warehouse door system with special structure specifically designed to meet the electrical control the transition of several open positions in order to meet the high performance concrete double or multiple stirred requirements.
    4. The high-speed railway with the special requirements of concrete admixtures, from the supply pump - Pipeline - metering said - the discharge valve have made a corresponding improvement and adjustment, and an increase in leak-proof means; different designs depending on the concentration corresponding measurement system.
    5, for the mixing process requiring high performance concrete, achievable batch measurement, batch feeding, fed-batch, batch mixing, adjustable feeding sequence and mixing time and many other features, and electrical control system made a comprehensive supporting the upgrade.
    6, two planes in the true sense of the synchronization control system can also be done individually for the entire production process control and management, so that without human intervention automatically guarantee continuous production, may be due to a computer failure caused downtime rate reduced to a minimum.</p>
<strong>Technical requirements</strong>
<p>Arrangement should be based on consideration of the structure of the fabric device plane size, piping conditions, require cloth equipment should cover the entire structure of the plane, and can even carry out the cloth quickly. Equipment should be solid, stable, Chinese high pressure concrete vibrator hose and does not affect the normal operation of other processes. Cloth collision or equipment shall not rest directly on the template. Boom or spreader should be set up steel support overhead, may not be directly supported on a steel skeleton.
When using fabric machine operation, make pouring site within the operating range of fabric machines, as little as possible moving truck that is able to complete the placement
When this project in the northeastern part of the first pouring of concrete, the first construction point of choice in BE fabric machine shaft and B5-B7 axis of the middle of the second construction point selection BC axle shaft and B5-B7 site at third construction point selection BC shaft and the shaft portion B3, the fourth construction points (concrete completed) Choose BE shaft and the shaft portion B3.</p>
<strong>Choose construction scheme</strong>
<p>According to the project the plane length and width and site construction environment, the use of cars during the construction of the pump casting and forged structural engineering concrete foundation slab. Structural concrete floor pumped using machine with cloth fabric, fabric machine support provided is very important, in order to ensure the stability of the fabric, the fabric support is provided machine parts, steel protective layer pads encrypt boom base bottom reinforcement reinforcement, to avoid damage to the rebar.
When pumping concrete cloth equipment should be selected according concrete vibrator with diesel engine to the characteristics of the project, the construction process, the fabric requirements. The project should be selected based on the size of the role of plane radius of 12 meters of material a machine</p>
<p>Our best supplier of high-quality concrete construction equipment - such as concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, we have broad domestic and international markets. On the domestic market, covering almost all provinces in China. In overseas markets, we have also been exported to over 45 countries and regions, annual sales reached 10 billion yuan.
In Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, we can offer in the field of concrete equipment-stop 'service. Professional skills and improve sales service to meet your every need.</p>
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Concrete mixing station site layout needs attention

Postby concretemixer » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:02 am

<strong>Concrete mixing station site layout needs attention?</strong>
<p>Concrete mixing plant commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large-scale projects, because concrete mixing stations belonging to the joint means mixing concrete, so it is particularly important venue layout, you need between the various scientific and rational system for assembly, If the installation space is limited, and this will lead to concrete mixing station can not reasonably complete system assembly, but also consider the operation of the concrete mixing station transportation of materials and finished material transportation is convenient, only reasonable decorating the venue in order to induction pipe bending machineensure the progress of the project.</p>
<p>Concrete mixing station can be used for a more flexible arrangement according to the actual situation of the construction site. But before installation site should be flat in good condition, and compacted bulk sample press release position (the bulk sample should be retained after the installation is completed to), well in advance of the support base of the components of the mixed material storage bin and powder Concrete piers material supply system to stay good secondary grouting anchor bolt holes. But at the same time to pay attention to the following issues:</p>
<p><strong>Concrete Pump second-generation transportation technology: </strong>fully hydraulic control commutation technology
The first generation pumping technology: electronically controlled commutation technology, PLC control solenoid valve switches to achieve pumping, S tube allocated to pay to replace.
Machine assembly is simple, low production costs, but the electrical control complexity, high failure rate and maintenance cost, easy to delay the progress of the project is the biggest drawbacks.
The second generation pumping technology: hydraulic reversing technology, relies entirely on the master cylinder, hydraulic cylinder distribution of small signal changes to achieve action commutation.
1, pumping, S pipe distribution without PLC electrical components involved in concrete, lower failure rate, control is more reliable product life greatly improved.
2, fully hydraulic pump control technology, there is no constant pressure pump control box is not PLC, no nitrogen gas tank, water tank at no proximity switch, simple structure, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
1) concrete pump should be placed on a solid flat yfjs series concrete vibrator surface, lay down the legs, the body placed stable.
Should be checked before 2) work, make sure electrical equipment and instrument, various parts of the switch button, the handles are in the correct position, the mechanical part of the fastening point solid, reliable, chain and belt tension to meet the requirements, transmission parts in normal operation.
3) concrete delivery pipe joints should be sealed tight, the card should be securely connected pipe. Not less than 10m front vertical pipe horizontal pipe with a check valve, non-vertical pipe directly connected to the concrete pump outlet.
4) pipe blockage, should evacuate personnel around. Should be taken to counter before removing the pipe cleaning method, remove the pressure pipeline. When removing the nozzle of people prohibited.
5) Do not remove the hopper grille net and other safety devices work. Can not climb and ride-pressure transmission pipeline, extending into the valve body can not handle the work, it is strictly prohibited disassemble pipeline pumping.
6) when cleaning pipes, the operator should leave the pipe wtzb50 china concrete vibrator outlet and elbow joints. When cleaning with compressed air, such as pipes, pipe within 10m at the exit can not be someone and equipment.
7) After operation, the hydraulic pressure relief system, the entire control switch back to the original position.</p>
<p>Our best supplier of high-quality concrete construction equipment - such as concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, we have broad domestic and international markets. On the domestic market, covering almost all provinces in China. In overseas markets, we have also been exported to over 45 countries and regions, annual sales reached 10 billion yuan.
In Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, we can offer in the field of concrete equipment-stop 'service. Professional skills and improve sales service to meet your every need.</p>
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Basis and Project Overview

Postby concretemixer » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:06 am

<strong>Basis and Project Overview</strong>
<p>And other related content spreader construction work programming based on concrete construction norms and rules, cloth machine operating instructions and with reference to the relevant provisions of the construction manuals, job safety standards combined yangfine concrete vibrator hose with the company and the preparation of the actual situation of the project site.
Guangdong highway building project form the basis for the pile cap foundation, 3 basements, ground 30 floors with a total construction area of ​​38,385 square meters, the structure in the form of frame shear wall structure.</p>
<strong>Concrete measures and fabric conveyor machine configuration</strong>
<p>Cunning relatively small because of the construction site, pile cap foundation and underground structures pouring pouring an automotive pump construction. Structural concrete floor using to pump + booms pouring, pouring auxiliary crane.</p>
<strong>Construction Points spreader</strong>
<p>1) Check whether all boom bolts tightened, whether normal hinge. 2) In accordance with the installation instructions to install the factory boom boom.
3) The boom stand straight, see if you can stand surface concrete vibrator zw-3.5 straight in the case do not counterweight. Crane lifting installation carried out twice.
4) The erection of the frame body boom placement, and the inspection and acceptance.
5) mounted boom and counterweight boom intermediate requirements must Overhead 200 ~ 300mm, supporting the foot paved surface scaffold boards, check the cloth club shaft is vertical.
When placed on the frame body to use frame tube leg compaction 6) The boom
7) take concrete pump pipe, in the takeover must be fully cleaned to check whether the pump tube, the interface must use rubber gasket. After concrete pump pipe connector bolts should re-examine the case.
8) test, with a large rope control concrete discharge port, and the lever arm intermediate curved split at its maximum effect in the range of running for one week.
9) ready for concrete pouring of lights and radio, dual control, in the columns, walls concrete pouring, to ensure that the lamp pump stop, stop Li Ting, foreground pouring point must give four seconds to stop, put out the lights, traffic must let someone be, when night construction, control them must be accompanied by concrete flashlight, to see concrete pouring height.
10) When you change the position of the discharge port, with one sack will be exported wrap, avoid concrete fell on the ground, to another location on the material and then unlock.
11) The boom is not free to take a long, long time to be received in more than allowable working radius must be added to set a fixed support. After 12) concrete pouring is completed, you must use mortar and clean water in the pump tubing, pumping water gasoline screed concrete vibrator to wash, must use a standard cleaning balls and other objects should not be used in place of each use, after cleaning, take the first lifting weights, After hanging cloth shaft to the next working position, after installation, hanging into the counterweight, repeat the previous work.</p>
<p>Our best supplier of high-quality concrete construction equipment - such as concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, we have broad domestic and international markets. On the domestic market, covering almost all provinces in China. In overseas markets, we have also been exported to over 45 countries and regions, annual sales reached 10 billion yuan.
In Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, we can offer in the field of concrete equipment-stop 'service. Professional skills and improve sales service to meet your every need.</p>
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The safe operation of electric concrete vibrator

Postby concretemixer » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:43 am

<strong>The safe operation of electric concrete vibrator</strong>
<strong>1, the electric vibrators</strong>
<p>(1), the plug-in vibrator motor supply, install leakage protection device, ground or zero should be safe and reliable.
(2), the operator should go through electricity education, should work shoes worn insulation and insulated gloves.
(3), the cable should meet the length precast hzs25 concrete batching plant price required for the operation, the cable lines can not heap pressure items or allow the vehicle to squeeze, drag or non-electric cables hanging vibrator.
(4), before use, you should check and confirm the connections are secure ministries, the rotational direction is correct.
(5), a vibrator can not be tested in the initial setting of concrete vibrator, floor, scaffolding and hard, dry ground. Interrupted during maintenance operations, disconnect the power supply.
(6), the job, the bending radius vibrator hose not less than 500mm, and not more than two bends, the operation should be vertical vibrator deep into the concrete can not be forced into the slot to make steel grip bench presses or stick head, nor fully inserted into the concrete, the insertion depth should not exceed 3/4 of the length of the rod should not touch the steel, the core tube and embedded parts.
(7), may not appear vibrator hose break, when the hose length is increased when used for a long time to make, should be repaired or replaced.
(8), the operation required to move stop vibrator motors should be shut down, then cut off the power supply. Hoses must not drag the motor.
(9), the job is completed, should be the motor, hoses, professional stationary concrete batching plant vibrator clean, and should be required to carry out maintenance work requirements. When the vibrator is stored can not heap pressure hose should be straight away, and take measures moisture motor response.</p>
<strong>2, the electric attachment, electric plate vibrator</strong>
<p>(1), attached type, plate vibrator bearing should bear axial force, when used, the motor shaft should be kept horizontal.
(2) on a template simultaneously using multiple attached vibrator, the frequency of each vibrator should be consistent, the opposing surface of the vibrator should be staggered installation.
(3), before the job is to deal with vibrator attachment for inspection and vibration test, vibration test shall be carried out in dry and hard soil or hard object. Vibrator mounted on the silo mixing station, should be placed rubber mats.
(4), when installed, the vibrator plate mounting holes should be positioned correctly, to prevent the foot bolt skew leaving the cabinet has been damaged. Foot bolts should be tightened, the tightness of the bolts should be consistent.
(5), when used, leads to cable must not pull tight, but can not break. When the job, you should always observe the leakage protection and grounding of electrical equipment or receive a zero means and to confirm compliance.
(6), when attached to the vibrator is mounted on a concrete form, each vibration time should not exceed 1min, when the concrete slurry flow in the mold or pan horizontally like you can stop vibration, the vibration can not be real again in the initial setting of concrete state ʱ??
(7), the template device vibrator member firm should be strong, the area should be adapted to the vibrator rated vibration area.
(8), when the plate vibrator operation, the plate buy high quality concrete mixer js500 made in chinashould be kept in contact with concrete, so effectively tap Discovering concrete until the surface of the paddle, not after the sinking, you can move forward slowly, moving speed should be able to ensure the concrete tap the paddle. In the vibration of the vibrator, you can not rest on the condensate or the initial setting of concrete already.</p>
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