the floor surface

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the floor surface

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:16 am

<p>emphasized the brand orientation of 'being as environmentally friendly as Apple.' From E1, E0, formaldehyde-free grade until now available edible glue made of soybean, so that the flooring industry no longer rely on chemical glue, into the era of bio-plastic, bunny flooring has become the industry 'green' and 'high quality' Synonymous with, </p>
<p>and thus won the trust of consumers in 39 countries and regions around the world. Quality control of the harsh three-line quality control system to achieve 'defect-free delivery,' the first line of defense, flooring products: Bunny floor in the industry's first 'quality chain' regulation, rely on the whole process of monitoring to ensure the quality </p>
<p>of finished products 'once Doing right and Delivering without defects. The company's product department will be based on the individual requirements of different customers, with the company's quality standards for each order design unique production technology and quality control standards. The quality control commissioner shall, </p>
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