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The Sukhan family’s search for their dead relative has finally come to an end. For the past four weeks, the relatives have been feverishly hoping for some sort of closure into the mysterious disappearance of the 53- year- old Ramkissoon ‘Greenie’ Sukhan, of Lot 62 Lusignan.Dead: Vickram HarrynandanSukhan was the boat captain who left the Meadow Bank, East Bank Demerara wharf on November 1, 2012.The man’s badly decomposed body was found along the Eversham foreshore on the Corentyne last Wednesday, but his remains were not removed until yesterday.According to reports, following the discovery a report was made by fishermen in the area to the Upper Corentyne Fishermen’s Co-op Society at Number 66 Village,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Corentyne. Additional reports were made to the police in the area the following day, but yet no one ventured out to bring the corpse to shore for some reason or the other.Efforts to contact the Upper Corentyne Fishermen’s Co-op Society proved futile. The man’s relatives then received word about the body being on the shore and they arranged a boat to sail through the Eversham canal and onto the seashore, way into the backlands (about two miles inland).Sukhan had left the Meadow Bank Wharf with four other fishermen on November 1. On November 5, 2012, it became evident that the men and their boat were missing at sea. Their relatives started to become worried. They were all feared dead.Three crew members,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, however, turned up and told the story of pirates attacking them at sea. They stated that they were then dumped overboard. The three survivors alleged that Sukhan was beaten,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, shot and dumped overboard while 17- year- old Vickram Harrynandan drowned after the pirates ordered the remaining crew members to jump from their vessel.Relatives of the missing boat captain,Cheap NFL Jerseys, were also suspicious about the reports of his demise. They were told that Sukhan was hauling in the day’s catch when the gunmen allegedly struck. They were told that Sukhan was shot and thrown overboard.It is alleged that the gunmen fled with the crew’s valuables but returned and took the victims to another boat which then took them to land. However relatives of the missing man said they did not believe the crewmembers’ story.“If people attack you boat they don’t come back to you to help you. We want the police to investigate this matter properly,” one relative told Kaieteur News on November 9.Yesterday, the man’s relatives traveled to Berbice for their deceased relative’s corpse. When they got there crowds of curious onlookers had gathered by the Eversham canal at the Public Road junction and were anxiously awaiting the boat to bring the body out.His wife, Gangadai Singh, and sons, Ramlall, Dhanbir,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mohan, and daughter Deokie were in the speedboat that took them through the canal. A police officer and his photographer were also present. There were a few fishermen who knew the area well. The body was very bloated and discoloured. It was positively identified by family members. A bullet wound was seen on the right arm.The body was then wrapped in a sheet,Cheap Jerseys, tied on to a rope which was attached to the back of the speedboat and dragged out in the water through the canal.Dead: Ramkissoon SukhanOnlookers questioned why the Guyana Police Force could not have arranged one of their Coast Guard boats to bring the corpse out to the mainland.Speaking with Kaieteur News was one of the man’s sons, Ramlall, who stated how relieved the family was now that his father’s body has been found. He added that they even went to Suriname a few weeks ago to search, such was the desperation to find their father’s body.He noted that Sukhan had been a fisherman for over 30 years. The man’s son also took time to criticize the police response to the search and expressed dissatisfaction at the Coast Guard.“The police were never searching; they were lying and we want ya’ll to put this in the paper”, said one of the man’s sons.The boat with the corpse behind being brought out to land yesterday.
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