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Jerseys NFL Cheap which is set to depart today

Postby pjqhr230 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:44 pm

In addition to sharing new concepts with local medical personnel, a 21-member team of medical experts from the George Washington University Hospital yesterday spearheaded a number of complex surgical interventions at both the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the West Demerara Regional Hospital.Among the surgeries conducted at the GPHC during the week-long visit were six prostatectomy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, eight for renal stones,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, two for transurethral resection for bladder tumours, and one each for undescended testes, vesicovaginal fistula and nephrectomy for renal tumour.Minister Bheri Ramsaran (left) and additional members of the George Washington University Hospital.And at the West Demerara hospital, there were six surgeries for hernias,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, three for gall stones, two for hydrocele and one each for breast lump and an emergency surgery for abdominal trauma (Spleenectomy).There were 19 urological cases undertaken at the GPHC while 10 general surgeries and three urological cases were attended to at the West Demerara Hospital. The local medical experts who supported the operations are expected to facilitate follow-up care of the recovering patients.The forgoing disclosure was made when Minister of Health,Wholesale Jerseys, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, hosted a press briefing,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, together with members of the visiting team, last evening at the East Coast Demerara, Grand Coastal Inn.The Minister said that during the team’s visit at the West Demerara hospital,Cheap Jerseys Supply, for instance, a number of shortcomings were identified which, he said, must be addressed in order to “bring it up to speed.”Remedial measures, he noted, should cater to the addition of an up and running second operation theatre at the Regional Hospital.According to one of the anaesthesiologists on the team, Dr. Paul Dangerfield, one of the deficiencies at the West Demerara hospital included not only the lack of needful equipment but also the upgrade of some that are currently in place.Local medical staffers were also enlightened to cutting-edge technology utilised in developed countries. As part of the visit, several certified and nursing lectures accredited by the Guyana Medical Council were conducted.These lecture sessions were aimed at sharing new concepts and best practices within the respective professions.And according to Dr. Dangerfield, “As the equipment are refined we will be able to apply more and more modern techniques…”Already Minister Ramsaran said that interactions were had with senior members of the administration, including President Donald Ramotar,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who has offered his support to not only upgrade the delivery of health services but to work along with the visiting team.He anticipates that the team which plans to return in the very near future to conduct more operations will be able to travel to other areas of the country to share its expertise.The team conducted a number of clinics to evaluate additional cases and these will be followed-up on so as to perform the necessary interventions when it returns.“This is just embryonic; this is an evolving relationship…We will be having teething problems; we will be making mistakes but we hope to learn from those and we hope to grow and grow.”The George Washington University Hospital is said to have a century-long tradition of providing medical care to thousands of patients. And its mission as was revealed yesterday is to provide high-quality health care, advanced technology and world class service to patients in an academic medical centre dedicated to education and research.And in the quest to share some of its expertise here, moves were made to collaborate with the Ministry of Health. Among the visiting experts was Urologist, Dr. Joseph Benjamin, a doctor of Guyanese origin, who migrated as a child.The medical team, which is set to depart today, was also accompanied by a video production crew tasked with working on a production about Guyana’s health sector.
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???? ?? ?? ???????.

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