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furniture maintenance

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:20 am

<p>The manufacturer's choice of the regular manufacturer's packaging is clearly marked with the factory name, site, trademark, specifications, grade, color number, job number, etc., and there are clear wood picket fence instructions for use and implementation standards. Regular factory polished tiles have a clear logo or logo. When you do brand selection, you don’t find the above marks or marks are incomplete. Please do it carefully. If necessary, you can make visual inspections, pinpoints, rulers, trials and other defects.</p> <p> Visual inspection: mainly depends on whether the surface of the polished tile is bright and shiny, with or without Outdoor Wall Wood Sri Lanka scratches, stains, missing throws, missing grinding, missing edges, missing feet, etc.: Tap the tiles, if the sound is crisp, the degree of porcelain is high, resistant Strong abrasion resistance, high flexural strength, low water absorption, not easy to be contaminated, if the sound is dumb, then the degree of porcelain is low (even cracks), poor wear resistance, low flexural strength, high water does the cut seams on laminate flooring matter absorption, highly susceptible to contamination . </p> <p>Test Shop: Randomly sample products with different work numbers and different dates within the same specification and the same color number. Try out on the ground and observe carefully at a distance of 3 meters. Check whether the product color difference is obvious race deck flooring price and whether the gap between the brick and the brick is Straight, chamfered evenly</p>
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