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The mother and sisters of a 13-year-old girl at the centre of the carnal knowledge case involving Chandra Narine Sharma recently recanted their stories in an interview conducted by Mark Benschop and Nazima Raghubir of Prime News, sparking rumours that the state-protected witnesses were allowed to be contacted.Chandra Narine SharmaA source close to the issue told KN reporters that first of all Guyana has no formal witness protection programme and even if the country did have, at the end of the day it would still be voluntarily.The two older girls along with their mother apparently left the care with which they were provided and went to Sharma who took them to Benschop for the interview. Raghubir has since provided a statement to the police.This newspaper has also been told that the mother and her over-aged daughters were only provided accommodation because they claimed that they had no place to stay but were free to go as they please.The 13-year-old however is the only one that the State can offer any real protection to and can be supervised as is happening.Whilst the girl in custody of the state has not recanted her story, her two older sisters along with the mother have stated that it is because of threats they said what they did.Meanwhile, as it relates to paternity tests to determine if the child which was said to be that of Sharma really is his, that would depend on a voluntary submission on the part of the mother.This newspaper understands that the police are currently checking to see whether Sharma was involved in any way,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, causing the trio to recant their stories.
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