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Postby pjqhr230 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:35 pm

-Miners will not be granted a third extension – GGMC Head  Yesterday, a group of miners who have been operating in the OMAI area at a place called Boneyard, protested the office of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), calling on the entity to grant them a fourth extension to mine in the area.But the GGMC Head, Ms. Karen Livan has announced that no extension will be granted for three main reasons. The reasons being, that the deadline is fast approaching; mining practices there are contrary to the law and the legitimate title holder of the site is about to assume occupancy.Geology and Mines Commission Head (Ag) Ms. Karen LivanDuring their protest action, the miners claimed that they were not given first preference to buy the claim, which instead was given to one, Chunilall Baboolall by the Government. The miners said that they felt cheated.However,  GGMC said they were running advertisements  in the local newspapers calling on interested parties to make submissions for the claim. According to the GGMC, initially, five person expressed interested and four were shortlisted. Through a fair and legal process the title was given to Mahdia Gold Inc.Further the GGMC stated that the issue over the site was amplified almost a year ago when they found a group of illegal miners occupying and working the land at Omai property. According to Ms. Livan, these miners were made to cease their illegal operations by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission.The group, Ms. Livan said,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, then formed themselves into the `Kumaka Syndicate’ (consisting of 24 persons) and approached the then Commissioner, Mr. Woolford, seeking permission to mine the said area. They were informed that the area is ‘Closed’ and that efforts will be made to find them an alternative area. A geologist was sent immediately to the nearby area of North Kumaka to identify suitable ground but the Kumaka Syndicate did not consider this to be of interest to them.The group then approached the then President Bharrat Jagdeo seeking permission to work the Boneyard area. According to GGMC, the former President had referred the group to the Prime Minister, who consented, on compassionate grounds, to allow the 24 miners to mine for a three months period which was to end on August 13, 2011. Meanwhile,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission prepared the land by cutting boundary lines and numbering 24 parcels of mining lands in the Kaburi area and allocated these by lottery to the original 24 miners. In addition, a Geologist took some members of the Syndicate to visit and test the area. All 24 miners participated in this exercise, the GGMC stated.  The Syndicate approached the Honourable Prime Minister in early September and obtained an extension to 31st October, 2011. However, at the end of September  there was protestation by an additional group of miners seeking ‘some of the action’ at Omai and Minister Robeson Benn visited the site resulting in an additional eight operations being authorized and 24 more blocks being made available at Kaburi. Once again the GGMC undertook the boundary marking and line cutting at Kaburi at a total cost of over three million dollars. According to the GGMC, for a third time,China Jerseys Cheap, this time in November, the miners approached the Prime Minister for a further extension to mine and this was granted to the end of the year (2011).According to Ms. Livan,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, since the beginning of December, the group was given reminders about their deadline and the need for them to cease operation and move to their allocated blocks at Kaburi.The GGMC head stated that the miners were continually warned to conduct safe and environmentally acceptable mining practices. However,NFL Jerseys China, these large numbers of miners,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, working in a small space, resulted in a clearly unsafe work environment with considerable breaches in proper environmental controls. Further, Ms. Livan said that there will be no extension and already her officers are on the ground and the necessary will be done along with the police to have the miners removed.
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