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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:25 am
by pjqhr230
A city businessman is at his wits’ end to regain possession of a vehicle that someone had stolen from him four months ago, on March 8 last. At the time, Bhomudwaku Persaud was at his Prince William Street home in Plaisance.He said that the car was parked on his bridge and that, when he came out, the vehicle was gone, and with it two digital cameras valued at $50,Jerseys China,000, one tape measure valued at $12,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey UK,000 and a tape deck valued at $8,000.Acting upon information, the man recovered his vehicle, only to find that the car had been repainted and had a new owner, who was totally unaware that the car was stolen property.The man had recognized his vehicle, due to the marks that he had placed on the car previously. The car in question shares the same chassis number,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, CK2A-0021638, same description — a Mitsubishi Lancer,the engine has been changed, the old engine number was 4G15-SL7400 and the new one is 4615X08D.The car was initially sold to Ramcoomar Persaud on April 12, 2007 by Mr. Henry Alphonso, who had bought it on July 2, 2001.The car is appearing to be owned initially by Vickram Premnauth, of Corentyne, Berbice, who reportedly bought it on April 2, 2005, then sold the same vehicle to Fizal Jameer, of Number Seven Village, West Coast Berbice on May 23, 2005.Jameer is on record as selling the car to the present owner, Ashanti Ramant,Cheap Jerseys From China, of Quaker’s Hall, Mahaicony, on April 8,Wholesale Jerseys China, 2008.Ramant says that she is unaware that the car was stolen. When Kaieteur News contacted the Licence Office to ascertain whether the documentation was authentic or forged, it was reported that it is impossible for two cars to have the same chassis number.Someone may have increased the engine capacity along with other documentations about the car, the authorities said. Somebody inside the Licence Registration Office may have been in collusion with the criminals, the source said.The source added that the second owner resurfaced into the system in 2005, but the vehicle would have needed proper Customs documentation. The names on the second set of registration forms do not exist in the registration registry.“The rightful owner had made attempts to have the alleged car thief arrested, but the police would usually arrest him for five minutes and release him. The owners are of the belief that some officers are a part of the car theft ring that operates on East Coast Demerara.”The original owners and the police are joining forces. They have attempted to have alleged car thief arrested, but that is proving to be easier said than done.It’s the owner’s belief that the police are aware of what the thief is doing but they aren’t doing what they need to do.