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…denies claim by CEO that her daughter is US$15M investor…distance herself from company but provides insight into the financial structureMinister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, has confirmed the link between her daughter and the company pursuing a $US30 Million recycling plant in Guyana, but insists that her daughter is not the $US15 million investor.On Monday Government inked an MoU with Natural Globe Incorporated, the company, which has proposed to set up the recycling plant.Minister of Human Services and Social Security,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Jennifer WebsterWebster yesterday responded to the claim by Chief Executive Officer of the company Mohammed Osman, that her daughter, Andriana Webster, would be investing half of the money in the project.The Minister vehemently denied this and said that her daughter was only a director in the Company and not a shareholder in the project.The Human Services Minister yesterday held a press conference in the boardroom of her Ministry and distanced herself from the company entirely saying that she has no ties to it. She added that “every person is entitled to live his or her separate life regardless of the affiliation of his or her family members.”According to Webster, she does not exercise any control whatsoever over her daughter’s decisions in respect of her personal or professional life.“I do not have anything to do with this company, either personally or in my capacity as a Minister of Government. I in no way attempted to influence any decision-making process,China NFL Jerseys, nor did I ever participate in any negotiation process whatsoever in any form or fashion,” Webster stressed.Despite distancing herself from the project, the Minister did provide some insight into the proposed financing structure for the project.She said that it is not a case where a person’s personal money would be invested but rather it was the company that is investing the money.Minister Webster however failed to address the fact that this company was only registered in Guyana three months ago while the proposal for the recycling plant was submitted to Government 14 months ago.The Minister said that the company would be using a debt and equity structure to build the plant, meaning that the Company would invest a certain amount and the remainder of the money would be borrowed from a Bank. How did the Minister know that this is another matter up for contention?This, however, is in stark contrast to what the CEO of the Company had said one day earlier.Osman visited Kaieteur News on Thursday and said that the company had the entire US$30M required for the project.He said that it was he and the Minister’s daughter that would be making the investment.Mohammed OsmanMinister Webster said that she would be advising her daughter ‘accordingly’ should it be proven that Osman did indeed say that.In defending her daughter, Minister Webster said that her daughter, Adrianna Webster is a 28-year-old professional.According to Minister Webster, her daughter is an information technology consultant who does not have that “kind of money.”She said that her daughter has been living in Canada for several years and is also a consultant for Mogford Enterprise.Osman had told this newspaper that he is the Vice President of Mogford Enterprise which is said to be the Canadian counterpart for Natural Globe Inc.Minister Webster claimed that the article carried in yesterday’s publication of Kaieteur News was inaccurate and malicious.A visibly upset Webster contended that, “the article was intended to expose her personally,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, her office as a Minister of Government, and the Government of Guyana to public ridicule and to perpetuate the perception of conflict of interest and corruption on my part and that of the Government of Guyana”.A point to note is that this publication’s article never dealt with the issue of the Minister having anything to do with the company Natural Globe Inc.She accused this publication of attempting to  imply or convey the impression that her daughter’s professional pursuit “is as a result of some undue influence exercised by me upon the Government of Guyana is not only erroneous, but is an assault on my personal and professional integrity and that of my daughter.”“She maintained that when the MoU came up for consideration at the level of the Cabinet, she was not present and in fact travelling at the time.”Minister Webster, read a statement she said was from her daughter who resides in Canada.In that statement read by the Minister, her daughter denied that she was the female investor providing US$15M to any recycling plant.The woman did admit to being a director of the locally registered company Natural Globe Inc.She continued that her daughter claimed that her work is not in any way influenced by Jennifer Webster, Minister of Human Services and Social Security in the Government of Guyana.“I have my own income and my own liabilities and my decision to work with the firm is merely on a professional basis…The proposed solid waste recycling project to be undertaken in Guyana, of which I am a registered director of the company— Natural Globe Inc, is purely being undertaken by the company…In fact,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, the financing for this project is already in place.”The names on the local business registration for Natural Globe Inc are Mohammed Osman, his son, Imzamam Osman, and Andriana Webster.Osman on Thursday told this publication that it is he and this female investor that would be putting US$15M each.He said that they are not looking for other investors and that they had all of the required cash and are just waiting on the ‘go-ahead.’Asked about the source of his finances to back such an ambitious project, Osman claimed that he is the Vice President of a Canadian Company, Mogford Enterprises, and that he owns half of this company along with a man he identified as John Mogford.As he made this claim, a Kaieteur News reporter commenced an online search, to no avail, as no website for this company could be found. Osman was at a loss to give an explanation.Pressed further on the source of his share of the financing, he said that Mogford Enterprise is the parent company for a subsidiary called the Tadger Group International.While there was no website found for the parent company, one was located for what he claimed is the subsidiary.A statement from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development contradicted this position by announcing that he was merely a consultant with the company and not owner as was claimed by Osman.When questioned further about this company; details such as contact information,Wholesale China Jerseys, among other things, Osman said he could not recall at the time and would text Kaieteur News the information.He is yet to provide this information.Questioned recently about whether any investigation was undertaken by the Local Government Ministry into the background and ability of the Company to undertake what it has promised, the Subject Minister, Ganga Persaud responded that government is “satisfied” with all the information which was submitted by the company.“We just needed a recycling plant which is in keeping with the needs we outlined,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys,” the Minister said.   He said that he does not know about the technical capabilities of the company, or about its business in Canada.
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