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ROSE HALL TOWN, CORENTYNE — After her 14-year-old daughter disappeared from home on December 2 last, Mrs. Jean Deochan, of Rose Hall Town,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, is asking for assistance in locating the runaway teen.A DISTRAUGHT, Jean DeochanMelissa Yvonne Ramadhin, a Grade Nine (Third Form) student of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School, left home for school, but never returned.Her mother is certain that she is shacking up with a 20-year-old man, who is also from Rose Hall Town on the Corentyne.It is not the first occasion that the teen has pulled such a stunt, but this time her mother has not heard from her, and has no idea if she is alright.On the day in question, the girl left her home to write the end-of-term examination and everything about the day appeared to be normal. She contacted her mother at mid-day and said she was on her way home.When she failed to show up, her mother said, she made a report at the Rose Hall Town Police Outpost.The woman recalled that ranks took her to the home of the 20-year-old man, but no one was there.The mother recounted that on November 9th last,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, the teen had also vanished from home.On November11th, the girl made a telephone call to her mother and informed her that she was with the 20-year-old man.MISSING: Melissa Yvonne Ramadhin“Me seh, ‘Girl, yuh not gwine come home fuh write the test?’ She tell me yes she gwine come. Me tell she me not want she get anything to do with (name given of the man).”On November 23rd, based on the pleas of her mother,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Melissa returned home, but on her terms.“She ask me if me gwine say anything to she and me say no,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and so she come back home. Me had to beg she to come home and go to school and write she test, and so she come. Me even promise she that me gwine send she back to computer classes like how she been during the August (vacation).”The girl returned to school. “She did miss two test and the teacher agree to leh she write them, and just as test done, she gone! Me nah hear from she since.”The teen’s behaviour is tearing the mother apart. “Me want anybody who find she to report it to the nearest police station, or call 618-4455 or 616-6784. Leh she come back home!” Mrs. Jean Deochan said that what the girl is doing cannot be condoned.“It is wrong fuh know me ain’t know where she deh. She promise me she gwine go to school. Me tell she let she go to school. She does do good in school, the last test to go over in third from she get 80-something percent.”According to the mother,Cheap Jerseys, when the girl ran away from home in November,NFL Jerseys From China, the man’s aunt contacted her. “The boy father call me, too, and he tell me when she come back home me must engage them and leh she go to school. Me tell he dat can’t wuk. The boy never come heself, and even if he come me ain’t going to let them (get engage).”She described her 14-year-old daughter as a ‘good girl’ and not ‘that type’.“Everybody seh she is a quiet girl, a church girl. She used to go to youth group and so on. She is me only child. When she did do it the first time she tell me she in Suriname, but me later get to understand that them been in Georgetown.”The woman and her daughter moved to the East Coast of Demerara from Parika after she had separated from the girl’s father. They moved to Rose Hall Town last August. Mrs. Jean Deochan said that the girl informed her that she met the man at church.
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