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Postby pjqhr230 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:16 am

The Mexican Embassy in Georgetown is refuting an article written by columnist Frederick Kissoon which suggested that Mexico is a failed state.The release stated that Mexico was ranked 105 out of 177 countries in the 2008 failed state index, which is produced by the Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy Magazine.In that survey Mexico was seen as less likely to fail than countries such as India, Venezuela, Russia, China, Israel, Egypt among others.The release further stated that the country has a low risk profile because it has no significant ethnic conflicts,China Jerseys, no separatists’ movements, no territorial disputes with neighbouring countries, nor no risk of military coup.The release said like all countries, challenges would come but the government has a clear and firm commitment to address them.Mexico provides public education to almost 30 million people and also the country has seen a steady improvement in health indicators (life expectancy goes to 75 years and infant mortality is under 15 deaths per 1000 births).With regards to the economic situation the release states that the public income has been rising for the past 10 years. The inflation has been reduced and remains at low levels,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, less than 10 percent since 2000.In relation to the fight against organized crime,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Mexico is firmly confronting drug trafficking organizations and is definitely determined to put a stop to crime and defend the rule of law at all costs.It is true that there has been an increase in violence but it is the result of gangs fighting for control of cartel routes and operations, but mainly stems from the unyielding law enforcement campaign launched by the administration which has disrupted illegal activity and decreased the room for maneuver of drug syndicates. That campaign, according to the release, is producing promising results.It further states that over the past two years the authority has detained over 59,979 individuals involved in organized crime; they have seized 38,404 firearms and confiscated 17,Cheap Jerseys China,615 vehicles,Jerseys NFL China, 261 boats and 377 airplanes.An unprecedented 78.3 tons of cocaine has been seized, along with 4,390 tons of marijuana and 32.9 tons of heroin and heroin related materials. A significant amount of $334.7M has been confiscated by the authorities,Cheap Jerseys From China, the embassy stated.These figures according to the release reveal both he severity of the problem we are facing and the exemplary effort of law enforcement teams in Mexico.The country also has a strategy which is integral and covers the different high impact areas of social improvement.International cooperation also deserves to be highlighted as a part of the country’s effort to combat organized crime. The transnational nature of narcotics makes it difficult for any country confronted with this threat on its own.The full acknowledgement of the principle of shared responsibility is crucial to successfully meet this challenge.It is for this reason that  the Mexican Government has  negotiated and launched the Merida Initiative with the US government. Both countries consider transnational organized crime, particularly drug trafficking , as a top-priority and both share responsibility in the effort to dismantle drug trafficking.Mexico is also stepping up its cooperation efforts with other countries in South America and the Caribbean in the fight against organized crime.Money laundering, sharing of intelligence and law enforcement are some issues currently in discussion as part of an organized anticrime dialogue mechanism. Different conferences were held recently to tackle the fight against organized crime and it has seen the participation of Guyana and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.As result of the meetings a work drug programme which includes concrete actions to strengthen the cooperation’s against the drug trafficking cartels and other enhanced safety and security to society was approved.In sum, the Mexican Government continues to be in full control of its territory.
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